Veauty Box Review - April

I jumped at the chance to collaborate with Veauty, a vegan and cruelty free online beauty and skincare store founded by the extremely lovely Kate Coop. I couldn't be happier to support them and I am a huge advocate for the idea of having a one-stop-shop for conscious products and this is one of them - what more could you need? It's an ideal way of kick-starting a more conscious approach to your beauty and skincare regime if you're thinking of switching things up.

My first impression of any new product that arrives in the post is of course the packaging, I've come across quite a few deliveries that look a little worse for wear when they've arrived, as if they've just been packaged up in a hurry but this was bundled up beautifully and protected really well!

Veauty kindly sent two products, a gorgeous 'Eton Mess' bath bomb from The Bubbly Badger (pretty spot on for a bath addict such as myself) and these are also a completely new brand for me, which is exactly why I think companies like this rock, because they introduce you to fab products you may never have known existed.

The other product is from the wonderful Optiat who I had the pleasure of discovering not that long ago actually, so this is a great opportunity for me to try something else from their range of skincare.

 Key ingredients: Coconut Oil

Key ingredients: Coconut Oil

Bubbly Badger 'Eton Mess' Bath Bomb

As part of their amazing range of vegan bath bombs (which include the likes of cappuccino, pineapple, chocolate - you name it), Bubbly Badger have got it spot on. This fizzy bomb is scented beautifully as 'Eton Mess' and it's a grafter, with a generous helping of coconut oil working hard to keep your skin supple and with such a beautiful aroma, it will make its way around your bath making it look and smell amazing all at the same time. I could imagine bathing in this, whilst eating Eton Mess at the same time and I'm pretty sure my life would be complete at this point...


Optiat Nourishing & Hydrating Face Mask

If you are looking for a product which doesn't contain any harsh chemicals and DOES contain natural, sustainable ingredients then definitely choose Opitat. Is there anything more satisfying than multi-tasking? By that, I mean sitting back and relaxing whilst a gorgeous product like this goes to work on your skin, drawing out impurities, calming and soothing and hydrating and nourishing, leaving you looking and feeling fantastic. It contains something I've not come across before and that's marshmallow root, which did you know is fantastic for naturally fighting bacteria and treating coughs and colds? I dare anyone not to give this a go now...

 Key ingredients: Marshmallow Root, Hemp & Charcoal

Key ingredients: Marshmallow Root, Hemp & Charcoal