A True English Rose | Benefits of Mineral Makeup

My introduction to mineral makeup was from The English Mineral Makeup Company (who I continue to rave about as they are just so beautiful!) and I am at it again this time highlighting the benefits I have found from using this particular style of makeup.

Beauty Fact: This range of makeup is gentle enough to use after skin treatments (laser peels etc)

It gives a good layer of durable cover and it won't clog your pores or leave you feeling greasy or looking shiny. For me personally, I have large pores and my skin is on the oily side, so throughout the day I struggle to keep it looking matte. I find some cream foundation consistencies only aggravate my skin more and it leaves me back at square one feeling defeated.

Mineral makeup is such a gentle yet effective method of enhancing natural beauty skin, without any of those harsh ingredients that are often found in similar products. I think nature has pretty much given us everything we need for beauty - we just need to continue using that to our advantage and accentuating what we already have.

I am a firm believer of treating your body on the outside as you would on the inside and I still struggle to believe how chemicals, dyes and synthetic rubbish end up in our beauty products and then end up on our skin and into our bodies! I also don't believe for a second they do us any good at all with their advertised 'qualities' and think they do us more harm than good.

Why choose this mineral makeup?

  1. Cruelty free
  2. Vegan friendly (aside from one product which contains crushed pearl)
  3. Durable and long lasting
  4. Suitable for all skin types
  5. Flawless coverage and finish
  6. Gentle enough for use after skin treatments
  7. Matte finish to minimise shine
  8. Made with organic, pure ingredients