Dry Shampoo - My Haircare Hero

By the end of the week my hair is made up of 90% dry shampoo. (ha, as if I can make it that long without washing my hair). Let's call it three days, three days is the maximum I can go without washing my hair and so in that time I call upon a trusty pal to help me through those truly difficult times - that pal is dry shampoo.

My main use for dry shampoo is the gym. Yes, exercise is good for you and whilst I am a strong advocate for that statement, it's also a pain in the bum! It interferes with my hair washing schedule, meaning hair which would otherwise be more than happy to be left alone ends up in a sweaty mess, wanting to be washed when it may not necessarily need to be (because I cant stand it otherwise) or otherwise pelted with dry shampoo. 

I remember the initial scene for dry shampoo and the white residue it would leave on your hair that you'd have to make absolutely sure had absorbed - oh how far they've come in such a short time! That's not the case anymore as most of them provide a powder-free texture that works much, much more easily. 

The very first brand of cruelty-free dry shampoo I discovered was COLAB Hair and whilst I always have a can of that in my beauty cupboard, a couple of others have made their way into my life and into my top three dry shampoos that I would recommend to anybody. What I am looking for in a dry shampoo is a just-washed look (even if it's far from it, shh you'd never know), the ability to soak up excess oil and transform my hair giving it a bit of volume, reducing the necessity of having to actually wash it.


Percy & Reed


I get mine in: Marks & Spencer


Colab Hair

I get mine in: Boots or Superdrug


Phil Smith


I get mine in Sainsbury's