Glo-Skin Beauty | Tinted Moisturiser


After feeling like I've lost my way a little bit with foundation, I am pleased to say I am back on the tinted moisturiser / BB cream band wagon! I just cannot seem to nail down a good match of foundation and I've just not been in the mood for full face coverage, which could be why I can't find anything suitable because my heart and head isn't in it anymore! So it's not necessarily the foundation itself that's the problem, it's the lack of enthusiasm I have about using it right now. 

Despite a beauty cabinet chocked with various shades and textures of foundation, I am becoming increasingly conscious of what I am pouring into my pores and the thick, full coverage consistencies just aren't cutting it. Not that long ago, my go-to 'foundation' was a very simple BB cream or tinted moisturiser, which worked wonders on my skin tone and type. I've become so distracted on my mission to track down all those wonderful beauty and skincare products out there I completely forgot about my trusty BB cream.

So, with that in mind (and because you've got to kiss some frogs before you find your prince, right?) when Gloskin Beauty contacted me with an opportunity to try a product from their beauty range I couldn't resist. All I had to do was tell them some details about my skin type and as if by magic, they very kindly sent their Moisturising Skin Tint with SPF 30+ for combination skin and it is, by far the best tinted moisturiser I have tried yet.

It's an oil free, hydrating formula which works with your skin to balance and enhance the natural skin tone. It also contains a very sheer colour (this one is 'Light') and compliments my skin tone perfectly rather than trying to make it something it's not (in other words, too pale or too yellow). I also don't like the idea of suffocating my skin as I want it to breathe and perform as it naturally should. 

Here is why I would highly recommend this if you're feeling the same way I do right now about makeup:

1. The consistency is oil free, light and works with the skin to balance and even skin tone.

2. It has an ever so slight pearlescent shimmer, which when applied to the skin creates a really gorgeous looking glow. 

3. It contains an SPF 30+ so whilst your skin has that beautiful glow going on, it's protected against the elements, whatever they may be (warm, hot, windy - you name it!)

4. They are certified cruelty free with PETA and therefore have no involvement with animal testing which makes them absolute darlings.

5. Its oil free formula means it works to balance both ends of the spectrum, keeping shine at bay and avoiding the appearance of dry areas which can sometimes crop up on other areas of your face.