Laura Geller Baked Foundation - Baked To Perfection

Baked Foundation.jpg

It sounds good enough to eat (anything baked does really doesn't it?) but, I think if you chose to eat this you might regret it. So, let me tell you why I love using this Laura Geller baked foundation on my skin. 

I am always experimenting with different foundation bases as I do suffer with oily skin and do tend to find that cream or liquid foundations just disappear as the day goes on (where does it go?) That's why, for me I am so pleased the baked foundation buzz has surfaced as an innovative solution to perfecting a natural makeup look without clogging up my already enlarged pores.

Baked Foundation2.jpg

What is the 'baked' all about?

After doing my research, I have discovered that the baked consistency is quite literally, baked and made up of a dreamy combination of liquid and cream 'neutral-hued liquid pigments', forming a silky soft, smooth compact powder foundation. As a little bit of extra icing on this cake (pun absolutely intended) and because this is a conscious beauty blog, you will be delighted to know it contains extracts of white tea, jojoba seed oil and vitamin E. Baked to perfection, I think!

Surely the coverage can't be that good?

It is. Laura Geller's Beautifully Baked Balance-n-Brighten Foundation (bit of a mouthful) features the quite-literally-baked formula of which the various shades work together to provide a balanced, colour correcting coverage with a really stunning, flawless finish.

Don't get me wrong, this is in no way me trying to cheat on mineral makeup which I LOVE, but this baked foundation has earned a well deserved place up there with my favourite foundation bases, which tend to be the lighter and brighter powders. Foundations like these just seem to compliment the natural skin tone rather than layering it with one flat colour, like a cream foundation, which you then have to build colour back up on to with blushes, bronzes etc.

Would I recommend? Of course.

If you are thinking of giving a baked foundation a go, I would highly recommend this. It's perfect for re-application throughout the day and actually lasts. It can be used on it's own as a light coverage if you're having a non-pore-clogging-day or I also tend to use it as a setting powder over another foundation base if you really wanted to. And...all you need is your favourite makeup brush!

I don't think this beautiful little foundation get's the recognition it deserves and good things need shouting about right? :)