My M&S Beauty Collection

  Warning: This blog post may contain pretty pictures :)

Warning: This blog post may contain pretty pictures :)

Among the many beauty brands in the whole entire universe, there is only a very select few that I absolutely adore, and one of those (I'd say right at the top) is Marks and Spencer. They hold a very special place in my heart, not only because they are certified cruelty free and stock other cruelty free brands like Stila, Eyeko, Pixi and so many other incredible choices, but I can honestly say I've never, ever had a skin complaint or reaction of any kind from anything I've purchased - and that's coming from someone like myself who suffers with sensitive skin.

There literally isn't anything bad I can say about them and when the PR angels over at M&S Beauty very kindly contacted me to ask if I would like to sample anything in particular from their range of fab collections like Autograph, Rosie For Autograph and Limited Edition (to name a few), naturally I leaped at the chance to get a few more under my beauty-belt and add to my existing collection.


I do wonder how many beauty products a girl really needs and erring on the side of not being greedy and trying to use up what I've got, I try to select products which I can incorporate easily into an already established daily routine to ensure I get my use from them and gain some feedback as I have something to compare to and notice a difference.

There's only one way to discover new products and that's to give them a go! So, let's have a peek at just a few of my favourites shall we? Old and new; I wish I could fit them all in but that would be a hella long blog post. 


Limited Edition Multi-Palette

This is a 25th anniversary limited edition of a beautiful selection of naturally complementing eyeshadows, a cream blusher, a powder bronzer and highlighter - get in there quick as it won't be around forever!


'Dolly Baby' Cream Lip Colour

That familiar feeling when a lipstick looks too pristine to use. This is a nourishing lip colour which hydrates too, leaving a silky soft feeling. Only one way to test that...but I'll have to drag myself away from staring at it first.


'Starstruck' Lip & Cheek Tint

This is just so glamorous isn't it? If you're like me and your skin has a natural tendency to look flushed or red, then this is perfect as it helps keep the balance without making you look too overdone - and it can be used on the lips too!


Radiance Body Glow

The way this makes your skin look (and feel) is too good to be true. I was a little skeptical at first as I'm not into fake tans or tan accelerating products or anything like that. However,  I AM into tinted products as they give you just enough to make a difference and keep it natural at the same time. 


'Coral' Powder Blush

I think I have a thing for coral's...I prefer a powder blusher because my skin is oily and anything creamy tends to make it feel worse and I become conscious of it. So this blush is a fab colour which gives off a rosy glow, especially during those pale Winter months.


Luxe Bronzer

I love anything multi-tonal and find the various tones and shades work better to compliment my temperamental skin tone. I personally like to switch to bronzers for the Summer months and holidays. This also has a slight pearlescent shimmer which gives off that beautiful, healthy glow.


Lasting Foundation

I struggle to find a foundation I can stick with which actually works for oily skin. I would love to have that dewy look but my skin type doesn't really allow for it and this foundation has a fantastic matte consistency - yay! 


'Coral' Lasting Nail Varnish

The Autograph nail varnish ranges are by far one of my favourites, the colours are always so striking and they actually last thanks to the Vitamin E & Argan Oil, which help nails retain moisture during wear. It comes off so easy, too and are not at all overwhelming with fumes. Just beautiful!