My Top 3 Eyeliners

I have a thing for eyeliner...always have! I'd say it's one of my makeup essentials - up there with mascara of course. My particular 'fashion' style is somewhat grungy I guess, opting for band t-shirts and a not-so-very broad colour range: blacks, whites and greys. But I love it. I have a favourite type of eyeliner though, which annoys me because it's the hardest to remove at the end of the day (or not remove, if I am feeling lazy!). And that is, Kohl eyeliner. 

I see those girlies who have perfected their makeup with a simple liquid or gel eyeliner flick, paired up with not much more than mascara and they look beautiful (jealous!). This is such a classic look which I don't think you can go wrong with. However, when I wear do this I feel like my eyes look strange and incomplete in a way. I have tried the classic look for occasions where I've worn red lipstick, but that's not particularly common for me and always resort back to some pencil Kohl eyeliner along the way.

I used to go quite heavy with the Kohl, but over recent years I have started to reduce the intensity as it's just so darn annoying to remove completely. If I am going out, I will use both pencil and liquid to give a dramatic look, but for my everyday look I usually opt for just an application of pencil on my upper and lower waterline, which surprisingly gets a lot of compliments as it outlines the whole eye and accentuates the eye colour - always the way isn't it, when you do something really easily with no fuss it gets the most attention!

If however, I have had too many failed attempts with my liquid eyeliner I give up and use an angled brush with gel - both of which are still much easier easier than pencil to remove at the end of the day.

I also get a bit frustrated with keep having to sharpen pencil eyeliners and it can get quite messy, so I now tend to use a retractable one as it saves me some time but I always keep my hypoallergenic eye pencil just in case I have a senstive-flare up. Don't get me wrong, there are days when I just cannot get a perfect line with my liner no matter how hard I try. It's days like that where I give up, close my makeup bag, be proud to go eye-makeup free and enjoy the fact I'm not going to have to remove it later on! What would your go-to eyeliner be?


1. Soap & Glory supercat™ liquid Liner Pen (thick)

I do love a the felt tip pen style of liquid eyeliners. It makes application so much easier with one simple (or, not so simple as some days would have it) application. Don't get me wrong, there are days when I just cannot get a perfect line no matter how much I try, or sometimes both eyes aren't the same - grrr. RRP: £6.50


2. Sigma Stunningly Black Gel Liner

This is a little gem which I tend to use after failed attempts with liquid. It's also great if you're wearing eyeshadow too as it stays vibrant against any glitter or powder, which I find doesn't happen with liquid eyeliner. Paired with the right brush, it looks great and lasts! RRP: £11.00


3. NYX Retractable Black Eyeliner

I love this because it doesn't require sharpening, which is perfect if you don't have much time (or a sharpener to hand!) It does spread quite easily however, so you don't need too much of it, and it lasts. The only issue I have is that can sometimes feel slightly sticky? Or maybe that's just my eyes!...RRP £5.50