My Top 3 Waterproof Mascara's

I am sure I am not alone when I say that for me, mascara is a beauty must-have and I am sure you would find it at the top of any beauty list of essentials - it's so versatile! I am pretty fussy when it comes to mascaras and as there is such a huge choice I thought I would have a little test run with three lovely new mascaras I have never tried before - all cruelty free of course. 

For me, it's all about the wand and a good mascara brush with is all you need to get those lashes looking lovely with the effects we all dream of. I think brands are finally paying attention to what us consumers want in our beauty products - and it's certainly NOT nasty chemicals, which is why we have wonderful options to choose from which are good for us and the environment - yay!

I just love discovering little hidden gems when it comes to beauty products, and as there are so many out there just waiting to be found I thought I'd reveal my top 3 cruelty free waterproof mascaras:




Natural All In One Waterproof Mascara

PHB are well known for their 'PH Balanced' beauty products and this mascara is absolutely wonderful for allergy sufferers like myself when my eyes become watery, itchy and dry (all at the same time!). I can't actually believe how amazing this wand is at lengthening each lash - it makes them look absolutely gorgeous - and it's ideal for every day wear and during Summer / allergy season. A winner!

Ideal for? Allergies

Vegan friendly? Yes

Free from: parabens, animal testing, artificial fragrances, petrochemicals and all unwanted nasties.

Packaging: Eco-friendly, recyclable





Catch & Curl Waterproof Sports Mascara

This mascara has a very unusual shaped brush, but it sits easily over your entire lash line and with it's arched structure and tightly packed fibres it pulls each lash up in one application - with an even coat, which thanks to gel ingredients, remains sweat proof and won't clump or flake throughout the day.

Ideal for? Gym day

Vegan friendly? Contains beeswax

Free from: parabens and animal testing

Packaging: zero-waste squeezy tube


3. Ere Perez


Ere Perez

Avocado Natural Waterproof Mascara

Another all natural mascara but this time it's one of a kind. I absolutely love the idea of using natural ingredients around my eye area, because I suffer with sensitive skin. The natural avocado and mamey oils in this mascara are honestly so lovely, with a thick, luscious consistency which fortifies and strengthens the lashes.

Ideal for? Every day wear

Vegan friendly? Yes

Free from: fragrance, dyesparabens and animal testing

Packaging: recyclable tube 

If I had to pick one of the above as my absolute top choice, I just couldn't because each of these mascara's are fab! I would always recommend natural, cruelty free choices especially with products involving the eyes as it's such a sensitive area and must be treated right, I say this from experience of having some awful reactions to mascaras in the past. Happy reading, guys!