NYX Primer's: Which One's Best?


NYX Pore Filler

I swear by this stuff, because it was my hard earned cruelty free dupe which I finally found after months of searching (typical, as it was right in front of my face, always the way!) It leaves a really lovely, silky satin finish on your face which works wonders at minimising the appearance of pores. It's such a good makeup base and keeps the oil from surfacing for a few hours at least (I have very determined oily skin which fights to the surface no matter what I do, but I am getting better at managing it!). The texture is a neutral colour and at first leaves the tube in a lumpy kind of way, so squeeze it slowly and make sure to rub it between your fingers before you apply. It has a tendency to 'puff' out of the tube, which for me just ends up mostly on the mirror.

I tend to use this across my nose and chin as this is where my problem areas are and it's so effective at giving a flawless finish that you can use this and nothing else - ideal for lazy days. 

NYX Shine Killer

Now, this one. It's an umm-and-ahh kind of product. I have tried and tried to persevere with this - I really have - but I can't help but think it's creating more shine than it is reducing it. It's a completely different texture to the Pore Filler, as this is a looser, clear consistency which goes on much easier, but it just seems to cause compatibility issues with foundation, which makes it slide around more on the skin, essentially just mixing the two together.

I'd love to know your thoughts if you've tried and tested the above.