Roccabox | March 2018



Fizzy Berry Shower Foam
There's not much I can say about shower gel, but I get such a feeling of satisfaction from shower foam because it's just so creamy and lathers up so much! It makes showers just that much more enjoyable (only problem is you don't want to get out, ever).


Dr Lipp

This is the original Multi-Purpose Balm from Dr.Lipp and it's perfect for anything and everything, and I mean everything! It's ideal for keeping stray hairs in place (especially the one's which insist on sticking up after straightening) and it's wonderful for softening dry or chapped lips - a great alternative to petroleum jelly. 


MUA Makeup

Finally, I have my hands on a colour correcting pallette / wheel. This makes me feel like a complete pro, almost like an artist with an easel; let's hope I look like a work of art after using this, shall we? I have high hopes for this product to counteract my redness.


Laritzy Cosmetics

I love discovering new brands and Laritzy Cosmetics is one of them. In this months Roccabox was this gorgeous lip pencil and clear gloss to match. I love using lip pencils as lip colours and adding a little gloss to finish it off, so these two are a match made in heaven! 


Brush Cleaner

This is a fantastic tool! It has a convenient little pouch/slot on the underneath which you can use to keep the brush in place with your fingers and use the other hand to give your brush a good clean - so useful!