Cruelty Free Beauty & Makeup Box | July

I am proud to announce my collaboration with The Cruelty Free Beauty Box in which I've had the chance to sample their amazing July Makeup Box and show my excitement to all you cruelty free fans!

Firstly, the packaging is just beautiful - blue glitter, hello! You can choose between a monthly beauty box for all your cruelty skincare goodies or a makeup box (like this one) AND you can even shop their range of individual products and brands which go on sale on the 15th of every month!

I've been following The Cruelty Free Beauty Box for some time and they are doing a brilliant job at introducing us all to kind, ethical brands - big and small - and I am delighted with the outcome of sampling these products. I always say it, but boxes like these are a wonderful way of introducing not only yourself, but others to new products you may not have necessarily heard of or had experience with before.

I am still in the process of using these brands so there will be more info to come, but for now let's see what July's Cruelty Free Makeup Box contained:

R.R.P £3.99

  • A gorgeous metallic black loose eyeshadow (Cordelia) 100% free of animal derivatives, 100% gorgeous! You could mix a little water with this to intensify the colour even more!

+ Eyebrow Define Brush [R.R.P £7.95]

  • 100% vegan, organic and natural mascara and eyebrow brush with no parabens or nasties - exactly what I want for my eye area, thank you very much!

R.R.P £3.50

  • I absolute adore my Saturated Colour LipsStick, so now I have a lip sealer to keep my lipstick on even longer - match made in heaven!

R.R.P £5.95

  • Builds beautiful, flawless makeup coverage (absolutely devastated when my dog shredded my previous one - absolutely delighted to have a brand new one!) These blenders are a fantastic way of applying foundation without needing to get your hands covered in makeup!

If you want to know more, head over to their website and social media pages and show them some love. Don't forget you can shop individual products and brands in the beauty shop with new products added every month! What will you pick?  |  |