Twenty Things My Twenties Taught Me

I’m going to be 30 pretty soon.

This is happening.

It’s the last year of my twenties and I’m actually really happy I’ve made it this far with some of my sanity still intact.

I’m ready to jump into my thirties with an upgraded perspective, a stronger feeling of self-worth and confidence and without the uncertainty and anxiety fuelled thoughts that have been all too prominent in my twenties.

I’ve learnt a lot about who I am and I’ve also learnt a lot about other people! I’ve always been much more of a fan of moving forward than looking back and time is a wonderful thing which empowers us with the knowledge and experience we need to grow and I think age is something to really be proud of.

It’s a bit ridiculous that getting older is often associated with feelings of worry or dead, because no matter what we do we can’t change it - (unless time travel really does exist, but if it does and you’ve read my post on travel anxiety then you’ll know I wouldn’t be getting involved with that).

So, I’m embracing where I’m at and being proud of what I’ve achieved so far in my little world. I’m better equipped mentally now than I’ve ever been and here’s what my twenties have taught me and what advice I’ll be starting my thirty year old self off with.

I’m coming for you thirties, see you on the flip side:

  1. Toxic people must be removed from your life. No question. Get rid of ‘em.

  2. People from the past who made your life miserable have actually helped you become strong, resilient and confident - thanks guys!

  3. Comparing yourself to others is not helpful, relevant or useful - it’s damaging to self esteem. They’re not you and you aren’t them, so don’t do it!

  4. Anxiety triggers are deeply rooted in your mind, historic stresses which need a little upgrade. Replace your fear-tinted perspective with a clear, fresh one that’s relevant to your life now.

  5. Do not feel guilty about taking time for yourself - it’s essential.

  6. You are way more confident and capable than you give myself credit for - own it!

  7. People who say and think they know you better than you know yourself, they don’t.

  8. You cannot help people who will not help themselves! You can try of course, but don’t neglect yourself trying.

  9. Friends and family that matter will always be there, even when a lot of time has passed.

  10. Don’t bother trying to control things you simply can’t, it just makes you anxious!

  11. Lose interest in worrying about what others think of you. People will always have an opinion about you and that’s all it will ever be - just do your thing.

  12. Don’t be afraid to seek help. There is no shame or weakness in this, just power.

  13. Be fair to yourself. Don’t pile on the pressure as this will only increase feelings of helplessness and ‘uselessness’.

  14. Your body and mind are a highly intelligent team capable of more than you can even comprehend - look after them both and they will look after you!

  15. As much as I never wanted to admit it, exercise really is good for you. It reduces your anxiety, makes you stronger and enhances your body shape - woohoo.

  16. Bleach blonde hair is not good. Don’t do that again. Your hair thanks you.

  17. Don’t be defined or surrender yourself to words like ‘introvert’ or ‘over-thinker’ or ‘worrier’ - these are just things that occur, they aren’t what make you you.

  18. Fashion comes back around so quickly - don’t be wasteful with clothes as you might just wish you had them!

  19. Take control of your life, follow your beliefs, empower yourself and you will flourish.

  20. Have faith, trust and confidence in YOURSELF.