Bright, Bold Beautiful: 3ina Cream Eyeshadow Review

→ Vegan, cruelty free, long-lasting cream eyeshadows
→ fun, vibrant colours to brighten up any makeup look

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Ok, so for the first time in my life I summoned enough confidence (from where, I don’t know!) to try bright eyeshadow and surprisingly, I don’t hate it. In fact, I bloody love it.

The exact appropriateness of the look is yet to be determined and I know it’s not for everyone, but as for trying a completely new beauty brand like 3ina and experimenting for the first time with brightly pigmented eyeshadows goes, it’s been a really positive experience and quite frankly it looks pretty cool.

So, who are 3ina?

If you’re wondering, it’s pronounced ‘mee-na’ and they are a European cosmetics brand selling predominantly online at some of my favourite popular places like:

I’m sure you’ll be familiar with these if you have a little wander around online as much as I do!

cream eyeshadow

3ina had been on my wish-list for some time and when they kindly contacted me to ask if I’d like to sample some of their products, I leapt at the chance.

These are just four examples of the colours you can expect from the stunning spectrum of cream eyeshadows and I love how creative you can be with just one brand like 3ina.

Cruelty free? YAAS, abso-lutely. That’s one of the reasons why they had been on my radar in the first place. Their products are suitable for vegans, too!

Colour? Oh yes, tons of it. Two of the shades sent are shimmery and two aren’t. Either way, the pigment in these little pots packs a real punch and the intensity of the colour is really quite surprising, it’s common to find that the actual colour of something never lives up to the real deal, but these really do.

Consistency? These are creamy, yes but not in the way you might think. I’d describe the texture of these as more of a thick paste and when applied to the eyelid they dry almost instantly. It honestly does not budge and you can expect hours of durability with these - trust me!

When the package was delivered I think a couple of pots had got a little bit warm inside the box as two of the eyeshadows has slid about inside the pot and then cooled again, but this has not affected the quality of them so that’s fine with me.

How to identify the shade for you

I’m a natural makeup kinda gal, but honestly these colours are so tempting and it’s difficult to find fault with them despite never having been down a creative-makeup route.

The products from the 3ina makeup range from what I can see are identified by numbers and codes rather than the usual practice of naming them and the eyeshadows I’ve featured in this post are as follows:

  • peachy/orange [319]

  • dark plum [318]

  • shimmery pink [316]

  • shimmery neutral [312]

How to remove the cream eyeshadow?

Ahh, it’s worth noting that you will need a good eye makeup remover (3ina kindly sent me their own) as it’s the most effective way of removing these eyeshadows. A face-wipe or makeup wipe won’t cut it - they really are made of tough, durability and that is something 3ina should be very proud of!

Where to buy:

So what do you think? Would you be daring enough to try eyeshadow shades like this?

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