5 Travel Friendly Sun Protectors Under 100ml

→ Five brands, five sun protectors
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Summer skincare heroes, assemble

This year I decided to actually do something about my skin. By do something, I mean find out what’s really going on with it and whether my current skincare routine is actually working and, er, it really wasn’t.

Thus far I’ve been living under the illusion that my skin is oily and needs all kinds of oil combatting products and would you believe it, my skin is actually very much dehydrated and I need to lay off the oils, the toners, the gels and lay on the hyaluronic serums and water-drinking.

I know, say what now?

But, that’s a story for another day.

So, I am going to call this my ‘skin-piphany’ which has also taught me to look after my layers just a little bit better in terms of protection and this lot are helping me do just that. Please welcome to the stage the following brands and reasons why their SPF products make great skincare warriors for all of us; a mix of high and medium sun protection factors.


REN Mattifying Mineral face sunscreen
SPF30 broad spectrum [gifted]

Note from me: For someone who gets affected by heat almost instantly, this has quite a strong whitening effect so be prepared to look matte and pale, but also to just go with it because it’s probably more suitable for skin protection whilst on holiday / travelling, and if you’re in the sun with good protection, being pale is not high on the list of cares!

  • UVA and UVB protection (broad spectrum) with additional blue light protection

  • contains passionfruit extract to combat environmental pollution

  • contains rice extract to keep the shine away

  • 50% recycled plastic tube (the best they can do to ensure the product stays intact inside)

  • 100% recycled plastic cap

  • Featured product size: 50ml

Find it at: REN online, Marks & Spencer, Look Fantastic


This Works In Transit Skin Defence
daily moisturiser with spf30 [gifted]

Note from me: I absolutely adore this, I really really love it. It’s non-greasy and because it’s a daily moisturiser you can wear it knowing your skin has that extra protection which stops me from worrying if I get caught out for any reason, or am in a situation where I’m concerned my skin is vulnerable.

  • suitable for every day use

  • protects against environmental aggressors

  • moisturising + hydrating with vitamin E

  • Featured product size: 40ml

Find it at: Look Fantastic, Marks and Spencer

Did you know? UVA rays penetrate deeper into the skin, responsible for causing lines and wrinkles and can getcha even on cloudy days and broad spectrum sun screens protect from both.


Organii everyday organics
Facial Sun Cream SPF15

Note from me: Very much a facial moisturiser indeed, ideal for everyday general protection without feeling like typical sun cream and the added benefits of being able to wear it every day without feeling too ‘claggy’.

  • all natural, certified organic ingredients

  • UVB & UVA protection (broad spectrum)

  • Argan, Jojoba and Hyaluronic Acid to stop skin drying out

  • paraben, fragrance and colourant free with no whitening effect

  • Featured product size: 50ml

Find it at:


Green People
Natural Tan Accelerator - SPF 15

Note from me: This is such a fantastic little gem. It not only protects your skin against UV rays, but contains antioxidants and tanning acceleration factors too, so this little guy will give your tan a boost AND help keep it for longer, keeping your skin moisturised which is always the trickiest part of coming home from holiday and trying to keep that gorgeous glow.

  • natural and organic ingredients

  • hand made in small batches

  • suitable for vegans and vegetarians

  • Featured product size: 30ml

Find it at: Look Fantastic


Alumier MD Sheer Hydration
SPF 40 broad spectrum sunscreen

Note from me: this is only available at salons / clinic who use Alumier, it’s worth making some inroads into this brand as they are very effective for many, if not all skincare complaints. I think it’s unusual to find an SPF40 these days and I purchased this as part of a post-Alumier-chemical-peel recovery kit.

It’s ideal for protecting the delicate skin after a treatment such as a peel and with such a high SPF value it does have a high whitening effect, but also has a very loose moisturiser-like texture which makes it easy to use and keeps the skin hydration levels up, I wish you could buy it everywhere!

  • UVB & UVA protection (broad spectrum)

  • non-greasy + hydrating

  • Featured product size: 15ml

Where to find more information: Alumier website

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