The Animal Print Edit And Styles That Are Driving Me Wild

They say a leopard never changes its spots…oh, but it does.

Because you see, it’s all about those animal prints yes, but it’s also about the blues, red, pinks, yellows and greens that make up a whole new world of bright and beautiful animal prints and patterns that just keep getting better and better, putting me right in the middle of what is basically the animal kingdom.

I tried to fight it, the urge to return to my leopardy ways after ditching them long ago when the trends changed. But now? Well, the animal trends are back…and they’re everywhere…and I can’t resist it! I’ve found myself indulging in the print in more ways than one - literally, because have you seen how many there are?

Traditional print, mono-leopard print, coloured-leopard print, small, large, Dalmatian print, giraffe print - I’m getting dizzy. I mean, how many ways can you style leopard print? There’s only one way to find out and that’s to quite literally try them all (but not at the same time, of course).

The Classic

The tones that started it all: gold, browns, blacks.

The classic leopard print goes with pretty much anything and that’s why I love it so much, especially with an all black ensemble.

You wouldn’t think browns and black pair all that well, but the traditional print makes all the difference, completing a killer look and making it ‘pop’.

My wardrobe picks:

Blouse: ASOS
Tee: Topshop
Shoes: ASOS / Accessorize

Multi & monochrome

I am a big fan of anything black and white / monochrome - it just looks so stylish any way you choose to wear it!

I am now the proud owner of these gorgeous Vans which look fantastic with pretty much anything actually, just as long as I’m not wearing a similarly printed top, of course.

My wardrobe picks:

Giraffe print tee: Topshop
Midi skirt: Topshop
Sleeveless vest: River Island
Shoes: Vans

Bright & bold

Let me just find my sunglasses for all these beautiful blues, yellows and greens otherwise I could be blinded.

One of my favourite colour combinations when it comes to animal print is blue and you can find it complimenting so many different colours like pinks and greens - it just works!

If you follow my Instagram, you’ll know how obsessed I’ve been with scrunchies and hairbands recently and seeing as they’ve made a comeback, don’t mind if I do.

My wardrobe favourites:

Strappy cami: Topshop
Headband: Warehouse
Blouse: River Island
Srunchie: ASOS

Hot & fiery

Phew, it’s getting a bit hot in here or is it just me?

Burnt oranges and fiery red animal prints look stunning in any way, shape or form. Whether it’s a long or short sleeve tee or even a midi dress, the print is never too much and that’s the long and short of it (sorry, couldn’t resist that pun there).

My wardrobe favourites:

Long sleeve: M&S
Zebra print dress: Warehouse
Spotty print dress: Whistles
Red dress: M&S

The ‘capsule wardrobe’ is a thing right now, but do the following leopard print items count as-styles-which-never-go-out of style? I hope so, because I plan on keeping these for a long time, regardless.

What’s your favourite leopard print style?

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