bareMinerals Claymates Duo Mask Review

This is probably the most excited I’ve been yet when it comes to discovering new skincare.

When I got wind that this gorgeous product is available I couldn’t resist trying it - honestly, the pictures do not do it justice but I am going to do my absolute best anyway.

Ideally, I like to try skincare beforehand because I suffer with sensitive, allergy prone skin.

My skin will let me know if it’s unhappy with a product pretty soon after I’ve applied it by becoming hot and painful and that’s my trusty cue to get the hell out of there and avoid that product in the future (of course).


This is the Be Bright and Be Firm duo mask from bareMinerals and is one of two different duo skin enhancing masks from their skincare range.

The ‘duo’ aspect of this mask involves two different sections designed to target specific areas of the skin.

It’s like two birds with one stone with two different rich clay infused halves which you can see here. I love clay masks because you get a feeling of satisfaction knowing that all those impurities are being coaxed out of the skin leaving it feeling and looking fresh, plump and lovely.

You can apply each of these sections to the areas of your face that you feel need the most TLC and it’s a real treat which you can indulge in couple of times a week.

The ‘Be Firm’ / green half

This is your hydration station where Kale Seed and Watermelon extracts give your skin a real needed dose of moisture and a firmer, plumped appearance. Don’t let the areas of your skin which are prone to drooping or sagging get you down either, because this is ideal for boosting any areas which could do with a little lift, whichever they may be. That’s the beauty of this mask, it’s customisable to the individual needs of your skin.

The ‘Be Bright’ / purple half

This is your exfoliating side, a dreamy combination of Pomegranate Extract and Papaya which work to gently exfoliate in a non-physical way with no grains or beads. I find that these types of exfoliants bring on a slight tingling sensation which I can only assume means the product is working hard to reveal that brighter, fresher complexion underneath.


My overall thoughts: It’s quite heavily fragranced which I wasn’t expecting, but in a way I found quite pleasant and not overpowering, so that’s fine with me as long as it doesn’t cause any reactions on my skin which, I can happily report it did not - what a relief.

It did tingle a fair bit and I end up with one half of my brain telling me to remove it immediately as something has gone terribly wrong and the other half saying stay calm it’s working.

I decided to go all out and apply some hydrating green to treat my forehead, nose and across my cheeks a little to give this area a little boost in hydration and hopefully help to balance the oil production. I applied the exfoliating purple section to the other areas and let that get to work!

You don’t have to leave the mask on for a particularly long time, only 10-15 minutes (I chose a little under 10 considering it was my first time) and of course if you are treating the entire face I can see how a strong tingling sensation may be concerning, but that is kind of what it’s supposed to do so I persevered and was happy to see fab results and my skin looked matte and plump - perfect now one has entered the big three-o age range!

*This product was gifted in exchange for an honest review