bareMinerals Lashtopia Mascara Review

I'm not quite sure how I've managed it, but I've made it this far without trying a single bareMinerals product. This has been completely unintentional, I just seem to get repeatedly distracted by other products and trying brands on my beauty bucket list sometimes get delayed (can you blame me?).

However, that's all set to change now I've discovered bareMinerals Lashtopia™ which is by far one of the most impressive mascara's I've tried, tested and loved. 

I am sure I am not alone when I say that mascara is a beauty must-have and I am sure you would find it at the top of any beauty list of essentials and even if I'm feeling zero makeup, a good quality mascara is sometimes all I need to get those lashes looking lovely with the fluttery effects we all dream of and it's a product I can quite happily use on its own without anything else.


I think brands are finally paying attention to what consumers are looking for in their beauty products like mascara and it's not necessarily those huge, gigantic, thick brushes which cause the mascara paste to clump and become flaky - bigger isn't always better!

So, I've been trialling Lashtopia™ volumising mascara which has been going very well and promises the opposite of all the aspects I don't like when it comes to defining my lashes and as you can see, it gives them a really good upwards boost in an outward fanned-like style. 

What's the wand like?
The wand has a tapered peak with over 600 soft bristles designed to create 10x lash volume (that's some volume right there!) and the bristles themselves hold a fair amount of the product which manages to stay clean, so when you apply it's coating each lash evenly rather than overloading product on top of product.


It's a very light consistency so there's no need to feel like you want to pick it off (as satisfying as that is). The wand is also big enough to give those lashes volume but not so big that it's ridiculous. I also have an issue with mascara wands that bend, does anyone else find that's its unhelpful when applying mascara to have the wand flex? (maybe it's just me, but I prefer the opposite to ensure it's coating each lash and pulling them upwards and outwards as best it can!)

What's the texture like?
As I mentioned, I hate to find thick formula's which smudge and clump easily when all you've done is pull the wand from the tube, but this is a lovely, light formula which is very similar to that of a mousse. I also love beauty products which provide some multi-tasking which this does because it nourishes and cares for the lashes at the same time it's making them look fuller and more luscious. 

Would I recommend?
I am more than happy with the results and would recommend this to anybody who is always on the look for a really great, high quality mascara. My lashes are naturally 'alright' I would say, not particularly long or short so they sit right in between needing a fair amount of volume to lengthen them and clumping them together if I put too much on. If I am going to achieve a worthwhile look then this mascara does just that without feeling at all disappointed. I haven't had to use more than one coat here but I'm thinking you could put as many coats as you like on and see how far you acn go with it.