Blonde's Really Do Have More Fun (With Pink!)

Ok! Cue that lovely pink hue…

Outside of the safe confines of my hairdressers where they actually know what they’re doing, I haven’t been confident enough to venture down any home-colouring roads myself - until now, because I’ve found just the thing.

I decided to get myself some Bleach London after seeing them in my local Boots and debating each time whether or not to try it - plus, they’re cruelty free, vegan and based right here in the UK.

Any fellow blondes will know how much work goes into maintaining this particular colour and will be familiar with the toll that blonde colouring takes on those precious strands. Over time it becomes dull with yellowy tones too and requires a lot of regular toning.

Let me just tell you though - this shampoo leaves a beautiful hint of pink running through the natural tones of your hair and is just ideal for dipping your toes into home hair colouring,

Still feeling skeptical?

Don’t worry, so was I! I’m such a firm believer in not messing around too much with blonde as one wrong move can really upset the balance and make it very unhappy.

Not only that, but if you spend a fair bit on getting it colour treated professionally like I do and the last thing you want is to spoil it in any way, right?

Amongst the many other rinse shades that Bleach London offer (peaches, blues, greens, silvers to name a few) I find that pinks, silvers and violets seem to compliment blonde hair really well and decided to bite the bullet and go for the Pink Rosé Rinse shampoo and conditioner.

It’s actually pink. Like pink pink.

Despite my initial shock at just how 'pink' the pink inside the bottle actually is, it’s not an indication that your hair will be anywhere near that level of intensity, so don’t panic!

The results are perfect for me; a very subtle, warm, soft rose hue running through your hair in a really natural way which catches the light in all the right places

How often to use it? I use it much more regularly than I probably should.

I am making more of an effort to look after my hair and lessen the amount of time I spent pelting it with heat styling, so for me this means washing less (every 2-3 days, it’s a struggle!) and this pairs well with keep in mind that too much use of this particular shampoo and conditioner causes the colour to build up, so I let it fade out with regular shampoo washes every now and then to keep it looking the way I want it and then when it’s all gone, I start again.

How long do you leave it on for? The instructions say to leave on for 2-3 minutes for both shampoo and conditioner and to be honest I stick to that, you don’t need much more to create the desired effect.

How quickly can you see results? Instantly! I’d say a slight pink running through on the first wash, with the second wash making it slightly more noticeable but overall it doesn’t get much pinker than that because it’s not designed to.

How does it make hair feel? Amazing, which is something I hadn’t expected - shiny and silky hair as a blondie this is something I struggle to achieve most of the time and that’s another reason I use this shampoo quite regularly.


This is my hair in it’s usual, professionally blonde-highlighted state. Without any styling whatsoever, it’s thick, frizzy and bushy and therefore requires hell of a lot of work to get it resembling what you see here.

I find soft waves accentuate the natural tones of hair and for the purpose of this post is exactly what I did. Be kind, I’m no hair stylist and on a good day this is probably the best I can do in terms of ‘styling’ my hair.


Voila! There you have it, a subtle pink hue running through the hair which is just enough to notice but not enough to regret your decision. I love it.

Oddly though, the pink colouring seems to have taken more to the front area more than others, which for me is a bonus because it’s still noticeable even when hair is tied up.

Have you picked up on the fact that I love the Pink Rose shampoo and conditioner by Bleach London?

If you haven’t, let me roundup my reasons why I think this is so worth a try:

  1. UK based brand (supporting British brands)

  2. cruelty free

  3. vegan

  4. compliments natural tones of blonde hair

  5. leaves hair feeling silky and soft

  6. requires just a few minutes of your time for desired effect

  7. washes out in two or three washes with regular shampoo

For an added treat to dry ends, I also purchased the Bleach London Hair Elixir which is a beautiful hair serum / oil infused with avocado oil. I’m out!