Code Beautiful High Volume Waterproof Mascara

I’ve discovered another cruelty free and vegan friendly beauty brand which I’m so excited to tell you all about. If you’re thinking of starting 2019 off with a switch to cruelty free beauty then this is a great product to get going with. If you love what you see in this post and you want 15% off your first order - tap the button above.

The lovely ladies behind Code Beautiful reached out to ask if I’d like to try a sample of their VLM (Volume and Length Mascara) and I didn’t hesitate to say yes. For the purpose of this blog post, I’ve kept things very simple on my face to demonstrate the impact that the Code Beautiful VLM mascara has on my lashes. Out there all on its own, it creates the full length ‘flutter’ effect that I always look for with mascara. I’ve always wondered: can one mascara can really do it all? I think I’ve found the answer.

Code Beautiful VLM black mascara

Code Beautiful VLM black mascara

Naturally my lashes are quite short and lighter to the front and longer to the sides. I want intense definition, length from mascara and of course a cheeky boost to separate them all out evenly. You won’t find me using fake lashes or splashing out on costly lash treatments and a reliable, good quality mascara is more than enough for me.

It’s my go-to makeup essential and the one thing I would use above anything else (and some days it’s all I use). I am a big advocate for the less-is-more approach when it comes to beauty and makeup and I find so many mascara’s promise volume and length with all singing all dancing oversized, thick wands and fibres and most of the time they just don’t deliver the results I want (not that I’m fussy or anything - ha!)


woah, where did those lashes come from?

When using the Code Beautiful VLM mascara it easily gives your lashes a real boost without clumping or flaking and it’s effectiveness is actually quite understated. The wand fibres are thick and bristly which makes it easier to pull an even amount of the unique dry-textured mascara from the tube without being too thick or clumpy.

This consistency makes it so easy to coat each lash with one application, even to those faint, thinner ones which hide away - it brings them to life too and with a wiggle from the root up, you can expect your eyelashes to look like someone else’s!

Code Beautiful have designed this mascara not to feel thick or weighted but at the same time still be resilient against daily wear and activities like gym workouts which always effectively wreck my eye makeup situation. I should also add it’s so easy to remove unlike waterproof mascara!

Balanced and bold - My lashes have a fanned out effect all the way across. I’ve struggled to achieve this with just one mascara til now!

It’s all about the wiggle…

I’m really impressed by the versatility of this mascara wand, creating long lashes which are individually coated and curl upward beautifully. I sometimes think too much emphasis is placed on the mascara itself to deliver all the results we dream of, and for me the way you use the wand plays a huge part in the end result.

Build-able mascara like this is a god-send when you can just stick with a slight application to give your lashes definition, or you can build up more layers to intensify your look and create a more dramatic effect and this mascara is ideal for doing exactly that.

Five reasons why a Code Beautiful mascara is a must have:

  1. Paraben and cruelty free
    If it’s ethical, kind to animals, the environment and my skin then I’m game.

  2. Resilient and long lasting for every day wear
    You’re covered and it won’t budge from [happy] tears or sweat from that daily gym sesh (ick).

  3. Clump and smudge free
    It dries really quickly and doesn’t flake or ‘gloop’ your lashes together

  4. Vitamin enhanced to encourage healthy growth
    A double dose of action for your lashes - yes please.

  5. Perfectly sized for handbags and travel
    Even more reason to keep this on me at all times!

For your very own Code Beautiful VLM mascara or to find out more about their range, check out their website over at where you can take a peek at their entire collection and treat your lashes to some loving.

*This was gifted for an honest review and to help raise awareness for cruelty free beauty.

*This post contains affiliate links to products which we may receive a commission for if purchased through these links.

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