Cougar Beauty Nude Collection Makeup Range


Post may contain nudes...

...not those kinds of nudes! I'm talking about the Dare To Be Nude Collection from Cougar Beauty, a completely new beauty brand for me who kindly reached out to ask if I'd like to try something from their range, so of course I jumped at the chance as this is a great opportunity to discover and experience something new. 

They are cruelty free and do a fantastic range of both beauty and skincare, including teeth whitening, tanning and fragrance. 

I'm always on the prowl for new brands (pun intended) and I especially love this range of mineral makeup because it's gentle on my skin but still highly effective - even if I do get it everywhere in the process, it's totally worth it!

In this post I've chosen to feature their Dare to Be Nude Collection makeup set which is actually new to their range and includes the gorgeous pinky, neutral products you see above; mineral eyeshadow trio, mineral blush, black mascara, double-ended lip colour and also a lipstick. Colours and shades like this are always suitable for me as they compliment my fair skin tone and work very well together without looking like you've gone overboard. This particular set would also make such a lovely gift (if you could bring yourself to part with it). 

This beautiful range of mineral makeup is completely cruelty free and doesn’t contain any nasty, harmful chemicals, preservatives and what quite a lot of us think are unnecessary fillers like talc and even Bismuth (a man-made material found in beauty and perfume products which is a common cause of skin irritation) so this is perfect for reactive skin and other sensitive skin sufferers like myself. 

They also do a 'Bold' and 'Bronze' variation of this collection, but let's take a peek at what's in the Cougar Beauty Dare To Be Nude Collection:


Mineral Eyeshadow Trio

These loose mineral powder consistencies pack a punch when it comes to the strength of colour! Despite being nude and neutral in colour they are vibrant with a gorgeous silky, lightweight finish and can are versatile enough to blended together easily for your base, crease and depth to make the eyes pop.


Black volumising Mascara

First thing I notice about brand new mascara's is how clean the wand and brush is when you remove it from the tube. As you can see, this one is impeccable (a word I don't use very often!) and this is just ideal for my lashes which are desperate to clump together any chance they get, but this pulls through them with no worries and coats them all evenly with glossy coat of black which makes them look very pretty inseed - absolutely spot on!

DSC04983 2.jpg

Mineral Blush

I mentioned above the eyeshadow shades pack a punch, well this packs an even bigger punch in vibrancy - it's stunning! How such a little pot can have so much power is pretty impressive and they've done so well with the creation of their mineral makeup, I am very impressed!

DSC04990 2.jpg


Whenever I see colours like this, I immediately shy away and think that this will not suit me whatsoever. I feel like I couldn't be more wrong as I actually love this shade on me and I am really happy with the results! Just goes to show, first impressions count only sometimes and you should try something anyway. So this is the very subtle and beautiful lip colour in lipstick and double ended lip crayon / liner.