Dermalogica Ultra-Calming Skincare Review


As I mention time and time again, I suffer terribly with sensitive, reactive skin. However, with a new skin cleansing regime which I have told myself very sternly to stick to as of this year, I will say I have seen such an improvement in the general behaviour of my skin.

As a woman and as other women out there may (hopefully) agree, spots, blemishes and skin upsets aren't always caused by lack of care - it can be down to pesky hormones, time of the month and generally being run down - it happens. But I would happily agree with the possibility that following a regular, dedicated skin cleansing regime helps maintain skin balance and therefore skin happiness! But that's just my face, I also suffer with itchy, eczema-prone skin on my arms and am prone to redness on my chest and neck.

I recently went for the most incredible pamper-sesh at my local skin and beauty clinic because they only use Dermalogica products and will select the right range for your skin type. I have had some unpleasant experiences with facials where my skin has reacted quite badly, so I was a little apprehensive, but I didn't need to be in the slightest because it was an absolute dream! My skin has truthfully never felt better after that beautiful facial and here's why I would recommend Dermalogica as your best friend for the higher-end of skincare (your purse may not thank you, but your skin will!).

Their Ultra-Calming range which they used on the day is designed specifically for reactive skin and is ideal for using on skin which has recently been resurfaced or treated in any way and could benefit from a little extra TLC. It's targeted specifically to protect the skin against triggers which cause your skin type to show signs of stress and irritation, acting as a shield as opposed to just absorbing into the skin. I thought I fitted the bill quite well as at the time I was suffering from a reaction from a previous product, so timing couldn't have been better. This is the Ultra Calming Mini Kit which I purchased in the salon so I could continue using at home before I take the plunge and go in for the big purchase, just to make sure it's definitely right for me. I am pleased to say so far, so good and if you're looking for a reliable source of skincare then I would recommend giving this a try (if you opt for the mini kit first at least you can get a feel for it and see how you get on).

Here's what you can expect:

Cleanser & Toner

Cleansing and toning is pretty self explanatory, but very important if you're following a dedicated skincare routine as missing a step kind of defeats the purpose of the other stages. The cleanser is SO gentle (I apply with my hands and wash off with a cloth or cotton wool pad) and it leaves the skin feeling really cool and fresh, then just give it a little spritz with the spray toner and you're ready for the next step!

Serum Concentrate + Barrier Repair Moisturiser

I apply the serum before the moisturiser as this helps give my skin that elasticity I look for in products as I just don't like the feeling of tightness. It's a very loose texture which absorbs surprisingly quickly into the skin ready for the Barrier Repair, which, considering this is a moisturiser also has a really unusual texture. It has a velvet style consistency, which glides over the skin so effortlessly and leaves such a soft, matte finish - it's beautiful! This application is left until last to finish everything off. It's designed to protect the skin against triggers which cause your skin type to show signs of stress and irritation, acting as a shield as opposed to absorbing into the skin like a traditional moisturising consistency.