Erborian Beauty Review - Korean Skincare Therapy

Erborian Beauty Review - Korean Skincare Therapy


I was recently sent this gorgeous introductory kit containing some pretty special facial skincare crémes from Erborian Skincare - yet another brand I've yet to come across and I am really glad that I have because they are like little tubes of dedicated skincare heaven, especially for my skin type! The introductory kit of essentials includes some really useful products which can be a part of any beauty routine and more often than not when you get a kit like this only a couple are really going to be suitable, but I can honestly say all of these are ideal for me

One of the really unusual things about this collection is the versatility; you can mix and match each product to suit and apply with your fingers, favourite makeup brushes or beauty blenders - there is also no specific way to use them and they are suitable for all skin types. You can choose to use them either on their own as day creams, as part of your makeup routine as a primer or base or mixed with another Erborian product like you'll find with the BB and CC and Glow créme to create a range of looks, from sun-kissed to matte to glowing.

The squeezy tube means you are more likely to only use the amount you need. Tell me more I hear you say? Don't mind if I do...


Matte Créme

Tightens and refines pores with a matte finish.

This is fab for keeping my skin oil free and for and promises longer-lasting makeup wear. I would easily opt for this if I'm feeling au naturalé because it's such a silky soft texture which absorbs into the skin almost immediately and leaves a blur-like effect.


Glow Créme

Hydrates and illuminates the skin

Yet another perfect choice for those no makeup days that I am such a big fan of. You can use this with the BB and CC créme's to make your skin look luminous on days where you're in a rush.


Pink Perfect Créme

Hydrates, smooths and refines skin.

I love this because it's pink and it's a really soft, balm like texture. It's one of those products that has a slightly pearlescent tint running through it which makes your skin have that lovely glow, so it's perfect for use as a day cream and can be used to smooth the skin and illuminate.


CC Créme and BB Créme

Both correct complexion illuminate and hydrate.

I am a big fan of BB and CC creams because I just have this feeling in the back of my mind that liquid foundations are just clogging up my pores and I find breakouts are so common afterwards. So, the lighter consistency that you find with most BB and CC creams is ideal for me and is probably the most common option I choose, they also have this way of adapting to your natural complexion and making your skin look enhanced.

Both offer different qualities, with your CC créme correcting and adapting to the natural tone of your skin and BB créme providing a little more coverage with a powdery finish.

Would I recommend this? I really, really would. They have worked wonders on my sensitive / reactive skin and they are one of those brands which makes you feel like you’ve really given your skin a treat.

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