The One Stop Mascara Shop - Why Eyeko Is My Favourite Range of Eye Candy

When it comes to makeup, I’m a simple lass.

This blog post is all about Eyeko and their all-inclusive range of eye candy, so you can expect lots of pretty pictures from Eyeko’s range of eye candy to feast your eyes on.

For me, Eyeko are officially my favourite eye makeup brand; they simply do it all and they take away the daunting aspect of trying to achieve an impactful makeup look without needing the expertise of a makeup artist.


I’m impatient and also really fussy, which is a bad combination when you’re trying to get ready in the mornings.

So, when it comes to my daily beauty ‘routine’ I am no makeup artist by any means and I doubt I’d find myself shading or blending any time soon, which is why I am a firm believer in that less is more approach.

Easy peasy, simple but effective eye-makeup

Eyeko help me achieve a feline flick despite having a frustrated hooded eyelid and are a fantastic go-to destination for easy peasy eye makeup products.

Their entire range is ideally suited to laid back makeup approaches like mine and are also fantastic for those of you who are way more confident than me when it comes to creating makeup looks - day, night, day to night or even during workouts - there will be something to suit.

eyeko post 1.jpg

The Lids

Warm neutral shades are ideal for my blue eyes and Eyeko do three easy-peasy products which I’ve shown below.

Fat Eye Stick - a glide on shimmer stick for eyes that is subtle yet effective if built up or down.

Eye Do Liquid Liner - love it or hate it, this makes perfecting that feline flick tons easier!

Me and My Shadow Liner - believe me when i say this won’t be going anywhere in a hurry, a dramatic long lasting eye shadow colour whatever the occasion.

The Lashes

eyeko post 2.jpg

I wouldn’t say I have particularly long lashes. They take some work to get them looking even and for some reason they are odd lengths.

The Eyeko Black Magic Mascara really does the trick for lifting the lashes up and out and fanning them out more evenly for me and this is the result and I am so happy with it - it’s an amazing mascara.

Plus: the Sport Waterproof Mascara really means waterproof - it’s quite a tough nut to remove which is fine by me because it means it works and it’s ideal for workouts!

When waterproof really means waterproof…

Eyeko’s waterproof makeup ranges are quite a tough nut to remove. To me, this proves resilience and it’s useful to note they offer dedicated makeup removal wipes to make things easier.

I’ve had the pleasure of sampling quite a few products from Eyeko (some purchased and some gifted) and I truly think they are totally worth a try. Did I mention that they are cruelty free, too? Yay!

  • Some products in this post have been gifted previously and/or are part of an affiliation with Eyeko

  • I’ve highly enjoyed using the products featured and would personally recommend them