6 Everyday Cleansers You Can Count On For Compromised Skin

→ Cleansing is the most important but overlooked stage of my skincare routine.
→ I am talking about my go-to cleansers for compromised/sensitive skin.

Please don’t judge me, but I’m guilty of being lazy all too regularly with my skincare routine. I know! holds head in hands* - how can this be? Especially with so many styles of cleansers available?

I’ve tried many different cleanser textures to care for my compromised skin and as a sensitive skin sufferer, I have done a fair amount of research. Being part of the bloggo-sphere I’m lucky enough to get the opportunity to sample various natural skincare brands and I’ve discovered some truly amazing products, for that I’m very thankful.

So, in a bid to impart some of my wisdom since broadening my skincare horizons, I’ve found the following products to be pretty damn amazing, effectively removing makeup, dirt and impurities from my skin in a way which doesn’t damage it or dry it out - yep, I’d say these are very lovely indeed.

Wait, go back a step - compromised skin, you say? What do you mean? Yeah, you know - the type of skin that’s been a little bit mistreated over the years from improper care, sun damage etc and in need of a real healthy boost of something good…skin like mine! Oh, and it also helps heaps if it’s a less toxic product with no nasty little chemicals lurking about, just saying as these can really upset the balance of your skin in one swift, fluid motion and ruin a potential good skin day.

How can you tell what’s what?

  • Gel / creams: thick, ‘gloopy’ textures similar to moisturiser but turn milky when mixed with water
    I like to apply to dry skin, massage in and removed with a warm face cloth

  • Balm: thick, paste-style consistency which loosens with warmth from the skin
    I apply to dry skin, massage in and remove with a warm muslin cloth

  • Oil: loose, runny texture which, when mixed with water creates a milk to melt away makeup. I mix with a little water in my hands, massage over my face and rinse with warm water

So, here 5 amazing cleansers in all shapes and sizes that I think are absolutely wonderful for my sensitive skin. The nature of these essentially forces you to take a time-out for yourself and spend some time pampering your skin, even if it’s just a few minutes. Every little helps!

Cleansing Cream

I love: Keweko Gentle Cleanser

This is in such elegant gorgeous packaging and it sits perfectly in my bathroom - it’s one of those products.

I do of course use it though and it’s such a joy to use on my skin, I find with this less is most definitely more. It has a handy pump action so popping a couple of doses into your palms is more than enough and application is similar to that of cleansing balm.

This softly melts away makeup and balances the skin which makes it perfect for morning or night (or both!).

Key ingredients: Lavender oil, sweet almond oil

Cleansing Balm

I love: Emma Hardie Moringa Balm & Eve Lom Creme Cleanser

Why do I l love this? Oh, because they are absolutely glorious, that’s why!

You get your hands involved with these guys. They have this wonderful way of feeling abrasive like an exfoliator but when it hits the skin it turns into a really silky, oily texture (but not as runny as oil) and is just so beautiful to massage into the skin.

I’ve tried applying to both dry and damp skin and to be honest it has the same effect, it’s just personal preference on that one. Just massage into skin and remove with a muslin cloth or your usual facial cloth. Skin feels amazing after using these, trust me.

Cleansing Gel

I love: S5 Nourish Cleanser & Pixi Glow Tonic Gel

Why do I l love these? They leave my skin feeling extra hydrated.

Personally, I find the thicker style gels work best for my skin in the evenings and as part of a pamper-sesh. I find these have just a little extra luxurious feeling and a bigger feel-good factor, so I like to take my time with these. Easy peasy to apply, just massage into skin and remove with a warm cloth.

Cleansing Water

I love: ThisWorks Evening Detox

Why do I love this? You can actually see the dirt being removed!

Nothing is more satisfying to me than seeing the results of a product actually working. I load up 5 or 6 pumps of this onto a cotton wool pad and sweep this around my face after cleansing, usually if I haven’t cleansed properly for whatever reason (laziness, forgetfulness, getting distracted etc).

I’d say this isn’t effective enough on its own as a cleanser, but it’s ideal for cleaning up anything that cleansing might have missed. I am honestly shocked at how much nastiness your skin holds onto from the day - let it go skin, just let go and be freeeee.