The Animal Print Edit: A Trend I’m Fully On Board With


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Can’t stop addicted to the leopard print…

I've tried to fight it, believe me. The urge to return to my leopardy ways after ditching them long ago when the trends changed, honestly I have. But now? Well, the animal trends are back…and they’re everywhere…and I can’t resist it! I’ve found myself indulging in the print in more ways than one - literally, because have you seen how many prints are out there?

The ‘capsule wardrobe’ is a thing right now, but do the following leopard print items count as-styles-which-never-go-out of style? I hope so, because I plan on keeping these for a long time, regardless.

Wardrobe favourites

Tops, tees and all things in-between

How many ways can you style leopard print? Only one way to find out, so I’ll take all the prints on all the different items, please and thank you. Traditional print, mono-leopard print, coloured-leopard print, small, large, Dalmatian print, giraffe print - where does it end? Nowhere hopefully, I love it all (apart from snake print - not much of a fan of that one for some reason).

Featured: (left to right)

  • animal print cami - Topshop

  • leopard print shirt - ASOS

  • leopard print bikini - M&S

Shoes & accessories

Flats & loafers

I remember the days where ballet-flats were the only shoes I wore, nowadays I’m more of a Vans kinda gal and if the weather is warmer it’s sandals or flip-flops for me. But, on the days I’m feeling a bit daring an all black outfit paired with leopard print loafers like the ones above makes a killer outfit.

Skinny belts

I can’t think how long I spend walking around pulling my jeans up, let’s say it’s just been a regular thing. I prefer the skinnier belts because my torso area is quite short and I need all the space I can get to elongate that middle.

Featured: (left to right)

  • leopard heart earrings - ASOS

  • leopard print belt - M&S

  • leopard print flats - Accessorize

Hair accessories

If you follow my Instagram, you’ll know how obsessed I’ve been with scrunchies and hairbands recently. They’ve made a comeback and I am pretty darn happy about it! My hair is a thick, high-maintenance mess most of the time and the fact that a big old scrunchie or headband can scoop it all up (and keep it there) is heaven. Time-saving, snag-free heaven.

Featured: (left to right)

  • leopard print scrunchie (green) - ASOS

  • large leopard print headband (Boots)

  • leopard print scrunchie (traditional) - Accessorize

Makeup & beauty

Marc Jacobs Leopard Frosted Creme lipstick

Surely it speaks for itself?…Although, I would like to say a few words to finish up this blog post. This lipstick is stunning, I can’t believe it actually exists in real life and as we all know, Marc Jacobs really knows how to do style and it follows over right into his beauty range. Cruelty free too. What a star he is!


*This post contains affiliate links. For more details on what this means visit my Disclaimer page.