Reasons To Love Bloomtown Botanicals

Reasons To Love Bloomtown Botanicals

Bloomtown Botanicals represent such a strong message in the beauty and skincare industry, a message that I think is becoming much, much clearer as we're all becoming increasingly aware of the environment around us - that message is how we, as consumers and companies, can work together to build a positive changes that will serve us all much better for the future. Changes such as thinking twice about the packaging we purchase, the ingredients we choose to use on our skin and taking more time for ourselves to really think about how we can better manage our self-care regimes.

There are glaringly obvious reasons why I think Bloomtown Botanicals are well deserving of a place in any beauty cabinet and here are a few just to give you an idea. 

1. They're 100% natural and organic.
I've said this once and I'll happily say it again and again, nature has some of the very best ingredients to offer and I am so pleased Bloomtown know what they are doing when it comes to picking such ingredients in their products. I've suffered an awful lot with my skin after using certain products and over time this has made me slightly apprehensive about trying anything new, but the coast is clear with this and skincare from Bloomtown is a joy to use. Their products keep my sensitive and reactive skin soothed, well hydrated and moisturised.

2. They're 100% palm oil free
As of this year, Bloomtown Botanicals have become the UK's first independently certified palm-oil free company. Palm oil is in so many things, not just beauty, and you wouldn't believe where it crops up. I'm not even going to get into it, I'm just going to use this opportunity to give Bloomtown Botanicals a huge, virtual high-five because it just goes to show, you can do without all those crazy additives and still enjoy gorgeous skincare products.

3. They're cruelty-free and vegan.
This means, at no point during the development of their products has any animal been harmed or used in any way for testing or otherwise, and their products contain absolutely no animal derivatives. It could just be a psychological thing, but I like to think that by choosing companies like this you are contributing to a bigger cause. The true value of a product like this is much more than the price.

Here are some of my favourite products which I would highly recommend to anyone and everyone:


The Hedgerow Infused Oil
Meadowfoam & Sesame

Their nourishing body and bath oils are absolutely beautiful and designed specifically with skin health in mind. The product featured here is The Hedgerow and is a heavenly combination of Meadowfoam (helps skin lock in moisture) and Sesame Oil (naturally antibacterial and anti-inflammatory) - it has a gorgeous sweet smell and I can't get enough of it!


The Rose Garden Roll-On Oil

The benefits of oils never cease to amaze me, and the ease of rollerball products makes it even more amazing. This one in particular is infused with Musk Rose & White Florals so it smells absolutely beautiful and is great for a midday, mid-morning or mid-anytime pick me up!


Organic Lip Balm
Peppermint & Lemongrass

A lip balm is a staple beauty product isn't it? I unintentionally end up with a lip balm in different pockets, bags and pockets in my bags because no matter what time of year I always find them useful. This lip balm is made up of Peppermint (which has that fab tingly, plumping sensation) and Lemongrass (which offers all those natural vitamins).

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