Flux Botanicals Skincare Review

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I was recently contacted by the lovely Laura at Flux Botanicals: creators of natural, vegan, organic skincare products, who very kindly sent two mini samples of their cold-pressed botanical oils to try. Their oils are formulated specifically with happy, healthy skin in mind, made with natural blends of ingredients to give skin the real treatment it needs.

I have been rather mesmerised by oils recently after spending most of my life swearing against them, feeling like they would undo all of the effort I make to keep my skin matte and oil-free. In reality, I have found that by doing this, my skin responds in the complete opposite way as I think I am too extreme and need to find a comfortable balance where my skin doesn't need to compensate for over intensity at either end of my skincare PH scale. I also feel like oils really cleanse my skin of all dirt, makeup and toxins which I don't see with many other products and I can spot visible improvements in the behaviour of my skin after regular usage so I am very excited to add Flux Botanicals to my regime!

I am secretly such a sucker for pretty, girly colours and the packaging is so dreamy, I couldn't wait to get my photo-game on and put together a picture and review to do these little oils justice, which meant actually taking them out of the cute little hand-stamped cotton bag they came in, rather than just admiring it. Oh, and start using the oils of course! I'll keep you posted on how I get on with them.

These oils in particular are the perfect size for travel and because they are miniatures you can't use too much, which means you won't be saying goodbye any time soon. The Healthy Glow Oil is ideal for removing makeup and contains plenty of seed oils such as jojoba, strawberry and cucumber and I think will be perfect for my skin as it helps balance oil production.

Healthy Glow Oil
Cleanse, Treat, and Heal

Helps balance oil production, and clear dirt, toxins and imbalanced oils on the skin to brighten, moisturise and rejuvenate. Phytonutrient rich extracts reset the skin’s natural healing ability, assist hydration, and seal in moisture, reinforcing the skin's protective barrier (also know as the acid mantle).

Qualities: Organic strawberry seed oil, tamanu, and chamomile and calendula extracts fuse together to create a light and calming herbal scent that will help you relax and unwind.

Uses: removing make up, cleansing, protecting skin

Benefits: hydrating, nourishing, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-bacterial.

Source: http://www.skininflux.com/product-page/the-minis

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Gentle Glow Grains 
Tone, Exfoliate, and Mask

A dreamy blend of rich mineral clays, bio-active fruit enzymes, calming floral extracts, and refreshing saponins that can be mixed with water to create a light cleanser or combined with oils, raw honey, or floral waters to make a gentle exfoliator or beautifully fragrant mask for the skin.

Qualities: Kaolin, rhassoul, and bentonite clays work together to draw out toxins, vitamin and enzyme-packed mango and apricot help to slough off dead skin cells

Uses: The grains come in a easily pourable bottle so you can mix with water in hands or in bowl

Benefits: green tea, rose and lavender calm inflammation and help heal the skin.

Source: http://www.skininflux.com/product-page/the-minis