Foundation Coverages For Oily Skin: The Matte Combat


Every day is a different makeup day for me. Some days tend to be fairly easy where I leave the makeup off to give my skin a breather and only use a little eyeliner with some mascara - no fuss make-up day if you will.

Other days throughout the week may be a tester day where I try out a new look, or am trying to get through a certain product and learn how to use it better. I like to have a foundation for each of those days which can be used individually or together to match my mood for the day and I've listed them all below.

Foundation is such a versatile product, with so many varieties to choose from I've put together some of my favourites which are ideal for my oily and reactive skin:


Mineral Foundation

I recently put together a blog post on the benefits of mineral makeup, as at that time was completely new to them and I think they are massively understated. Their natural simplicity is so effective with a beautiful, even coverage gentle enough for sensitive skin, skin conditions and post skin-treatments. As you can imagine, your skin feels like silk wearing this style of foundation and light-as-air - as if not wearing any!

Reason I love this? Such unexpected flawless natural coverage in small amounts.


This is the Laura Geller Beautifully Baked which is a fairly new product to my scene, and baked foundation in general is fairly new to the makeup scene as a whole, only really surfacing recently. This one is by Laura Geller and is designed specifically to balance and brighten with various shades which work together as a colour correction palette, leaving a seamlessly flawless finish to suit your skin tone either on it's own, or as a makeup base with a gorgeous natural shimmer.

Reason I love this? Perfect for re-application throughout the day (and travel-sized too!).


Featured: GloSkin Beauty Tinted Moisturiser

I am a huge fan of BB creams and tinted moisturisers, as every day is different for me and I like to have a little variety in my week of how I choose to apply my makeup. If I don't have much time or I am going for a more natural, easy peasy look then I would choose a BB cream (this one is from No7) as it provides a really great coverage throughout the day and also provides a little moisture upon application too.


Featured: Autograph Lasting Hydrating Foundation

As much as I try to avoid it, I do adore the coverage of liquid foundation (especially with a makeup blender!) even though I know it is no good for my pores and skin type - I just can't help myself! I think it's safe to say it's a classic and this one from M&S despite it's surprisingly yellowish colouring, is just brilliant for correcting any redness whilst keeping the skin lovely and matte throughout the day.

Reason I love this? The matte, colour correcting and full coverage quality!