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When tracking down cruelty-free products, I’ve found scented fragrances one of the trickiest. There just doesn’t seem to be enough emphasis being placed on that side of beauty which is surprising for such a popular category such as perfume - like, where are they?

That’s not to say there aren’t any out there because there are plenty, we just need to find them: Shay & Blue are one of those brands and that’s exactly why I’m writing about them, to raise awareness and I really think you’re going to love this.

So who are they: an award winning boutique perfumery based in London, combining real flowers, fruits and spices to create some of the most fascinating fragrances I’ve ever laid my nostrils on. When I say fascinating, I mean there is something pretty special about these and their scents are unlike any other I’ve tried, you can tell care and love has gone into each of these little bottles.

The PR team over at Shay & Blue reached out recently to ask if I’d like to join their first ever #RealFragrance campaign and partner up and help raise awareness for their boutique-chic style perfumes and ethical ethos. They want to tell the world about their floral, spicy infusions which create fragrances for both men and women that are cruelty free, vegan friendly and environmentally sustainable.

I said yes.

As with most new products, it can take a while before you realise how much you actually like them and you wonder why it took you so long to notice how amazing they are. Coincidentally, thinking back I actually first discovered Shay & Blue in a Marks and Spencer Limited Edition Beauty Box a long time ago and the scent of Blood Oranges hit my nostrils and stayed with me, and here it is again.


Top Note - Liquid caramel and sea salt
Heart Note - Tonka bean
Base Note - Bourbon vanilla

Have I still got your attention or are you drooling? I’ve asked Black Tulip to shift over just a smidge to make room for this very heavenly fragrance which is a very close second to Black Tulip, if not taking over as first - I can’t decide! This dreamy caramel fragrance smells good enough to eat and I am happy to spray this anywhere, at any time of day as many times as I can. Truly tempting, this one.

you can find this at:

Shay & Blue
Marks & Spencer

Black tulip

Top Note - Snowdrops and cyclamen
Heart Note - Black tulip and plum
Base Note - White chocolate and soft woods

My favourite of the two, despite being a huge lover of Blood Oranges all this time, I think Black Tulip has the potential to overtake it at this point.

It’s just so mouth-wateringly sweet and almost succulent, and it amazes me that a scent can produce that response! It’s stunning.

you can find this at:

Shay & Blue
Marks & Spencer

blood oranges

Top Note - blood orange segments and juice
Heart Note - hot napa leather
Base note - musk, charred woods and amber

This is a really powerful, quite masculine scent but not in the way you might think. It carries plenty of musk, woods and leather for the guys but a gentle enough combination of each for us gals, really.

you can find this at:

Shay & Blue
Marks & Spencer

Presented in a beautifully packaged box, I was sent a 30ml glass bottle of Blood Oranges from their citrus selection and a 100ml glass bottle containing Black Tulip from their spices collection, each finished with a stripe ribbon and these would make the most beautiful gift or present.

So, as far as finding cruelty free perfumes and fragrances go, I think Shay & Blue have got it covered. If just two products from their entire range of perfumes, body care and natural wax candles are this impressive, who knows what else lies in store?

What do you think? Have you been struggling to track down ethical perfumes? Let me know in the comments!

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These products were gifted in exchange for raising awareness about quality products and cruelty free beauty.
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