Hair Accessories We Can All Get To Grips With

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yay for happy hair day

I never thought I’d be the kind of girl to indulge in pretty hair accessories but I’ve well and truly immersed myself in that world - and I can’t say I am hating it. In fact, I don’t know what took me so long and by reliving my early 90’s self with a variety of clips and slides, I am totally loving it.

Even if you’re no good at hair like me, these stunning slides, cute clips and gorgeous grips have made their way into my wardrobe and I can only assume they’ve been sitting in a time machine, because they’re making their way back into my life and making things much easier hair-wise.

ASOS are killing their accessories game right now and as a frequenter of the online giant, their ‘New In’ section rarely gets past me without me knowing about it (cut to the chase: I spend a lot of time on there).

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll be familiar with my love for the scrunchie and I can’t think of a decent reason why I dismissed the idea of hair accessories for as long as I did.

Maybe I thought they are just a little bit too childish? I guess being all too familiar with that sharp, tugging pain from hair being caught up in a hair tie is enough to make you switch to something that looks way prettier, which is why I’m taking it way back with these.

Only, they weren’t this good back then and honestly I think we’ve got the upper hand here. The following extras are incredible for keeping your hair up, in place and away from your face - and not snagging when you pull it free - oh, and making your hair look super cute, too.

So, that was then, and this is now. ↓

the pearl clip

Grips, clips, slips, slides - it all gets a little bit overwhelming so all I will say is this: pearls. Little, tiny pearls all neatly arranged on a hair slide and oh my goodness, just how pretty is that?

I remember slides like this in my younger days and I am really quite pleased they’re back! There is no interesting way to tie your hair back sometimes and even if it doesn’t quite look the way you’d want it to, a cheeky little accessory like this is a win.

mix and match

I love the mix and match aspect too, so you can pair these up any which way and still look really well suited to any dressed-up or dressed-down look. These are resin design clips

Grips & Claws

Pun incoming: I’ve got to get a grip (on my hair that is).

As I’ve said many times, my hair just does not behave itself. As much as I can dream, it’s never going to be the kind of hair you can just shove up and it look okay - because it really doesn’t. I do struggle to find something which keeps hair in place for a long time and this gold metal style of grip means business. It keeps a really firm hold of the hair and you can style it messily and it stays put - it works any which way!

and to think It all started with a scrunchie…

My hair is high maintenance. It’s coloured and needs all the heat styling help it can get to keep it under control and for that reason, days off from any styling at all are very important and adding a pretty clip or scrunchie into the mix and you’d never even know.

Have you joined the hair accessories trend? Or will you be staying away because it’s not your thing?

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