5 Simple Ways To Help Care For Dry, Damaged, Colour Treated Hair


Healthy Hair, And I Really Do Care!

Attention all high-maintenance hair sufferers - I feel your pain. My hair has always required a LOT of heat styling and for that reason alone it’s prone to frizz, dryness, split-ends and has been known to double in size on more than one occasion (think Monica from Friends).

It just does what it wants, it always has and probably always will. However! We need not suffer like this my lovelies because here are some tricks I’ve stored up my sleeve which I’m going to tell you about now - 5 things which are helping me fall back in love with my crazy head of hair after feeling frustrated with it for pretty much most of my life and hopefully it makes you do the same.

As the seasons change, I think so does our attitude towards our hair. In the Winter we’re just trying to get from place to place as quickly as it’s probably windy, rainy and snowy - or all of the above - and we want to desperately get inside in the warm and our hair will take the brunt of it, exposed to all the extreme elements of British weather!

It’s not just the Winter though. The Summer also has a lot of answer for and even hot, sunny temperatures can affect our hair in just as many crazy ways and can see it struggling just a bit and the following products are my haircare warriors:

Kevin Murphy Young Again. Immortelle Infused Oil

What is it? A grape seed infused oil which is used on damp hair before stying. It protects hair against heat styling and counteracts oxidisation and damage caused by styling tools like hairdryers and straighteners.
Perfect for: heat protection
When to use: after each wash!
Price: a hefty £30.00 (but it works wonders)

Bamboo Hair Turban

What is it? An easy-peasy lightweight tie up hair-towel with bamboo fibres which encourage the drying process and are naturally anti-bacterial, too. For me, this handy little towel is an essential as it reduces the amount of heat styling I would otherwise need to use and it keeps hair off your face for other things like face masks, applying makeup etc.

Wet Tangle Teezer

It’s been so long since I’ve used a regular hairbrush, because the Tangle Teezer does such a good job at sorting out my hair that I haven’t needed anything else. This one in particular is the Wet Detangler which can be used as part of the hair-washing routine and is perfect for hair masks and leave in conditioners. I use it dry too, as it just moves through each knot in the hair without causing too much damage or feeling like you’re dragging the hair out the root!

Leave In Conditioner

I feel like this is an obvious one, but a 4 in 1 conditioner quite literally is as multi-purpose as it sounds. Conditioners contribute to the end stages of the hair-washing and close up the hair follicles so they are nice and smooth and often I think it’s sad that they just get washed away down the plughole, but if you leave them on the hair you’d know about it because your hair would feel all ‘claggy’ and difficult to manage - which is where leave in conditioners come in.

Anti-snag scrunchies & Invisibobbles

I can’t believe they’re back, but scrunchies are bang-on trend and I’ve been transported back to my 90’s self. It’s just a shame I can’t say the same about my actual hair, because that’s most definitely not getting any younger. After using snatchy, grabby hair ties for too long I’ve now reverted back to using scrunchies and the recent invention of the Invisibobble - the innovative way of tying your hair up without snagging at the hair - it’s all good for improving the condition of your hair going forward.