Introducing Upcircle Beauty


You remember Optiat?

They haven’t got anywhere, they’ve just had a whole new rebrand and you can now find them as Upcircle Beauty. They are good guys, they really are. A wonderful, British brand of clean skincare is officially on the beauty-radar and I mean really clean.

Like, spotlessly clean.


It’s amazing, not necessarily in a good way, how many beauty products we go through in our lifetimes. I don’t know the exact figures and I don’t think I want to know, but let’s say it’s an unhealthy amount.

The benefits of up-cycling means instead of something going to waste, it’s regenerated as something else we can make use of once again.


Choosing a brand like Upcircle Beauty is a wonderful choice if you’re looking to scale down and reduce your beauty carbon footprint.

Their entire range is made with sustainable, natural ingredients that have been redeveloped in a truly honest effort to help fight waste and in turn help us reduce our waste, too.

To tell you the truth, for someone who loves natural skincare but is skeptical because she’s had few too many bad reactions, I’m struggling to find fault with Upcircle Beauty - it all looks absolutely fine from here.

By repurposing ingredients, they can take what would otherwise be wasted and adapt it for another use to bring us quality, dedicated skincare with familiar ingredients we’ve actually heard of - like coffee, for example.


caffeine fix, anyone?

Anna from the lovely Upcircle Beauty team kindly sent over some products as an introduction to this exciting new launch of skincare, all of which contain coffee oil created from re-purposed coffee grounds:

  • Upcircle Beauty Face Serum

  • Upcircle Pamper Kit - Body Scrub & Face Scrub

If you read my post about skin oils you’ll hopefully understand how worried I was about using oils on my skin through fear I’d be greasy and slithering about the place. Oils are nothing to be afraid of, I speak from experience and I often find them a more suitable solution for retaining moisture in my skin than actual moisturisers.


Are these products okay for my sensitive skin?
I have highly sensitive skin and as always I was worried about using this due to other reactions I’ve had in the past, but the coast is clear with this one. It’s lovely to use and you only need a small amount so don’t go too wild!

I love coffee. But what’s it going to do to my skin?

I think I can sum this up easily. Caffeine + skin = boosted, hydrated, plumped-up skin. Honestly, it works wonders for my skin and it’s a joy to use in the evenings as a healthy dose of hydration after cleansing.

I like to let it absorb into the skin and it only takes around 10-15 minutes for me to feel the benefits of it soaking in just nicely.

I’ve noticed when I wake up my skin looks amazing and I’m pretty impressed with Upcircle Beauty.

Gifted for an honest review and to help raise awareness for cruelty free, natural products