Beauty Review: Mane 'n Tail Haircare


One of my most random, can’t-quite-get-my-head-around-it-but-really-love-it beauty discoveries of 2018…

I was first introduced to Mane ‘n Tail in September’s Look Fantastic Beauty Box which included their Hoofmaker Hand and Nail Therapy cream. Being typical judgemental ‘me’, on first impression I’ll be honest I was confused by the whole animal / human branding thing and didn’t hold particularly high hopes.

I am real fussy when it comes to hand-creams and more often than not I find they are just too greasy for a picky fusspot like me. So, can you imagine my surprise when I found that the Hoofmaker was the complete opposite of all those things? Despite any confusion about the packaging (don’t judge a book by it’s cover Kayleigh) I absolutely love it and can’t stop using it! It absorbs really easily, smells great and really softens and moisturises your cuticles and all around the nail bed too, so it makes your nail polish pop (if you’re wearing any!) and if not then your nails will look even healthier all the same.

So I thought to myself, well if their hand-cream is a winner for me then I wonder what else they do. I did some research into this brand a little more and found they do a range of other products (designed for both people and not-quite-so-people) particularly in haircare and in popular stores like Superdrug and Sainsbury’s, so I decided to go for it and give their shampoo and conditioner a try.

If you’re new to this brand like me then I know what you’re most likely thinking because I thought exactly the same; personal care products designed for humans and animals…huh? But, if you really think about it, it makes total sense.

Of course, I want my hair to look like a well groomed and maintained horses mane (or tail)…

Why wouldn’t I? They’re always swishing about all shiny and glorious I’d like my hair to do the same. Of course that’s not going to happen because my hair is shorter, thicker, frizzy and is damn hard work. But a girl can dream about amazing hair all the same can’t she? However, I am pretty sure I don’t need to daydream anymore about my hair goals because Mane ‘n’ Tail’s Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner has delivered higher than expected results and I’m more than pleasantly surprised about this.


overall Thoughts: Mane ‘n’Tail Original Shampoo & Conditioner

Some shampoo’s and conditioners lack what I would describe as ‘guts’. You know when the consistency is just flat and runny and doesn’t really seem to have any effect on your hair whatsoever because it just doesn’t seem to stay on the hair for long enough before sliding off. Well, this doesn’t do that. In fact, it’s lovely and thick and I am so surprised at how soft my hair feels after using this.

I’m pretty much making more hard work for myself on the hair front because not only does my hair require a lot of effort as it is, I’ve recently had it coloured too. So, in an effort to keep it as healthy as I possibly can, I’m reducing the frequency of my hair-washing from pretty much nearly every day down to the ‘recommended’ 2/3 times a week. Paired up with a good quality hair cleansing duo like these two has made a considerable difference to the general condition of my hair and I really cannot rate it enough.

Me and my actual hair.

Me and my actual hair.

The whole notion of a product being designed for both animals and humans still baffles me, but I love random things and maybe this isn’t so random at all because like I say, it actually seems to work on my high maintenance hair and makes me really, really happy. 😄

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Enjoyed reading this? Please don’t forget to ‘like’ and share below.
Thank you lovelies, you are amazing. xo