Marc Jacobs Leopard Frost Crème Lipsticks


Hi there, you’ve reached heaven. Please make yourself at home.

Leopard print and lipstick = ultimate Christmas wish list goals or what? Marc Jacobs knows just how to do beauty right and this coming festive period means my lips are going to be having a little party of their own thanks to these beautiful (and cruelty free I should add) frosted creme lip colours.

I find it very difficult to resist anything in animal print packaging (even animals themselves actually) and so this was one of those times where the justification of whether or not I should go ahead and purchase something as indulgent as a Marc Jacobs Leopard Creme Lip Frost (which I can only seem to find available online at Harvey Nichols) was very short.

It was a matter of seconds from should I, shouldn’t I, yes I should because it’s Christmas after all (the time of year where it’s perfectly acceptable to use that excuse on anything and everything). Yes, a little pricey, but I am learning not to be so afraid of makeup that costs a little bit more because it’s Christmas (oops, how many times can I use that one?)


I am guilty of adding things to the basket and then panicking and skipping off to do something else but these babies stayed in the basket right through to purchase, and appeared at my door.

For me there’s a time and a place when it comes to lip colours. I go through stages where am not always a big fan of wearing it and other times where I wear it consistently. Using highly pigmented colours definitely has a time and place and suits my mood when I’m feeling more confident in myself (which sadly isn’t all the time grrr).

Lip shades like this are ideal - metallic but still pack a punch in intensity and give your lips a really healthy, impactful look but not too over-the-top. I’ve tried so many lip colours which have a ‘sheen’ or a ‘shimmer’ and more often than not they do nothing and you could quite simply just not bother wearing anything. But these are fab as the pigment causes the light to dance about in quite literally a delicate frosted layer.

 Shade: Peachy

Shade: Peachy

The packaging (aside from being beautiful) is delicate and elegant with a gentle magnetic fastening where the lid and tube just clip together effortlessly. Yes, these are so darn stunning you just want to sit and look at them rather than use them but one of them is a Christmas gift for mum and the other is mine all mine. I know she will love it just as much as I do (well, she’d be mad not to!).

I settled on two shades: ‘Just Peachy’ for me to suit my paler, fairer Blondie complexion and ‘Detox’ for mum to compliment her brownie, Brunette colouring.

These are my new guilty pleasure. Can you blame me?

 Shade: Detox

Shade: Detox

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