Bath Products Just Got A Lot More Interesting With Miss Patisserie

Miss Patisserie are a brand I have continued to love since day one of embarking upon a conscious beauty and skincare regime. Their products contain zero percent animal derivatives and natural ingredients, are cruelty free and of course suitable for vegans. I would recommend them to absolutely anybody and they are pretty hard to resist with their fun, striking use of colours and heavenly scents!

Feast your eyes on the two products below which are my favourites from their range and I hope to discover more in the future because they are kind of addictive, which I think you'll be able to see why...


Peony & Pear Bath Slab

Do you love bath bombs? Then you will love this. It is, by far, the most gorgeous addition to any bath time and there are only a very few words I can think of to describe it! It's scented beautifully with Peony and Pear, a combination of scents which are quite frankly, out of this world. They do a fantastic range of bath products, kind to all skin types (including mine!) and this has the incredible ability to soften everything, including the bath water!

So when you finally drag yourself from this heaven, your skin feels beautifully smooth and supple - so clever! It's a bath fizzy in the form of quite literally a 'slab' and every time you want to use it all you have to do is break a little piece (or large!) off and pop it into the bath. It also leaves that lovely trace of swirly colour across the bath and leaves the whole room smelling incredible. Even the smallest piece will liven up your bubble bath, which means it lasts that little bit longer - yay. It's a little piece of heaven which let's face it, we all deserve from time to time! They also do a mango scented slab in case Peony & Pear doesn't tickle your fancy, but I highly doubt that!

miss patisserie.jpg

Coconut and Coffee Scrub

Beware! This stuff get's messy, but it's so fun. I am a huge fan of body scrubs and find the importance of exfoliating quite prominent in my skincare routine. You will have seen my other posts raving about body scrubs and this is yet another scrub I would recommend. Natural scrubs are fantastic when they contain natural oils, because they leave your skin feeling soft and supple afterwards without the need for moisturiser, which can sometimes happen with harsher scrubs which quite often just strip your skin of everything, leaving it gasping!

This coffee scrub, as I mentioned above does get messy and it's dark in texture with very fine salt particles - but it's so effective at bringing your skin to life and leaving it feeling 'tingly' (or rejuvenated if you want to be fancy). You can see on the label some of the fantastic natural additions which makeup this beautiful scrub which has added coconut to make it smell even more amazing. Just don't make the same mistake I did, which was using it in the bath and I literally got it everywhere, so I think for the future stick to using this in the shower as you could just wash everything down afterwards!