Tried & Tested: S5 Skincare - Nourish, Restore & Replenish

Wait, A Gorgeous Brand Of Luxury Organic Skincare You Say?

Yup, you heard it here first! When S5 Skincare reached out to ask if I’d like to try some products from their sensitive skin range, I was so excited and couldn’t say no. Boy-o-boy do I struggle with my skin - it spends far too much time being unhappy and I am trying desperately to correct it and I’ve found this range of skincare to be one of the most effective I’ve tried in a long time.

I’ve spent most of my skin-aware days believing I fell into the oily category when in fact, after a visit with a dermatologist, I discovered it’s dry and the reason for my oily-ness is because it’s not hydrated enough. Go figure. Plus, I have a damaged barrier which I’ll put that down to lack of proper care / knowledge about my skin in my previous years - nuff said.

To cut a long story short, the type of skincare I am now leaning toward is restorative, ideally with nourishing and hydrating qualities that will allow my skin to build up it’s resilience again and function more efficiently for now and in the future. The beautiful key ingredients in these particular products are ideal for doing just that (think of that lovely Rosehip Oil and Sea Buckthorn) and it’s so exciting to get the chance to try these, it really is.

S5 skincare - so just who are this lovely lot?

Are you familiar with Evolve Beauty? Then let me introduce S5 as Evolve’s sister company, founded by the lovely Laura, with dedicated products which harness what is available to us in nature and using it to give our skin what it needs.

S5 Skincare is:

  • non-toxic

  • cruelty free

  • vegan friendly

  • eco-friendly

  • ideal for sensitive skin

You won’t find any harsh chemicals or additives in any of their products, just all round goodness and you’ll even be surprised to know you don’t find any overwhelming ingredients which can sometimes put me off using certain products. They are amazing and I am enjoying every second of these products.

Using S5 Skincare 3-Step Cleansing Routine For The First Time

1.Nourish Cleanser

OK, so this cleanser (other than being such a bright and beautiful shade of yellow) is absolutely ideal for dry, sensitive skin like mine.

  • Delicate, light scent

  • Gel/oil based texture

  • Key ingredients: Papaya Enzymes for gentle exfoliation), Sea Buckthorn (improves skin elasticity), Rosehip Oil (to promote cell renewal)

Gel cleansers for me seem to work better than anything else and my skin doesn’t feel like it’s crying out for anything else afterwards, which to me means it’s hydrated enough at that point (even though I know it’s most likely not).

How to use: Apply to dry face, massage, add water to form a milk and continue massage then rinse away.

2. Replenish Serum

I spent so long avoiding oils because I had convinced myself that they are all the same and are just plain greasy - couldn’t be more wrong.

  • Oil formula with dropper

  • delicate, sweet scent

  • honey-colour

  • non-greasy

  • Key ingredients: Biomimetic Lipids to help restore the skin barrier (hurrah for me!)

Yes, some are very greasy however this serum is beautiful. Straight away it makes the skin look and feel firmer and is a wonderful addition to your cleansing routine. I’ve been mixing a few drops with the restore cream (up next) to improve the general resilience of my skin. Skin strength training is in session!

How to use: Apply a few drops to cleansed face and follow up with moisturiser (or if you’re feeling fancy mix it in as I’ve been doing).

Restore Cream

I always save the best til last - this is my favourite from the three.

  • Delicate, sweet scent

  • Thick consistency

  • Non-greasy

  • Firming + anti-ageing

You can feel this stuff still working its magic hours after putting it on. The best use I’ve found for it? Just before bed! It works as a fantastic overnight restorative measure to make my skin look all lovely and fresh in the morning. At first it’s difficult to gauge how much you need and I think I used too much initially when actually I think less is more with this - I just love it!

If you’re thinking of starting down the natural skincare route then I think S5 skincare would be a fantastic place to start. Or, if you’re already down that road and are simply looking for another brand to add to your list then again S5 would be perfect.

*These products were gifted in exchange for an unbiased review. All opinions are my own.


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