Eye Essentials We Really Should All Know About

When really is the ideal time to start caring for your eyes? Well, there is no real answer to that in my book, other than maybe the sooner the better? There are so many different factors to consider when protecting all the different areas of your skin, factors that I have never really considered until now (approaching the grand old age of 30!) and I’ve only really in the past couple of years made a conscious effort to treat the underneath of my eyes as part of my daily routine.


It's probably down to the sun, too much laughing or another result of enjoying my life that causes my wrinkles around my eyes (how dare I) and I often look at my face and think ‘should I have that many wrinkles at my age when I smile like that?’ and as my mum kindly reminded me 'you're approaching 30 and you need to start looking after your eyes' - but the truth is, we can only do what we can do, when we can do it!

So, because skin is so susceptible to damage from all kinds of outside influences, like the environment with it's UV rays, pollution, wind, rain, cold etc, we often forget that little delicate layer skin underneath our eyes which, as much I’d like to think doesn't require an awful lot of care, it also perhaps shouldn’t go without either and I know I'd feel better knowing I was doing something to improve the appearance of fine / not-so-fine lines and wrinkles which could be caused by lack of attention.

I wish I had started doing it sooner because there are some fab products out there and let me show you some of my favourites:


1. Skyn Iceland

Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels

I really rate these! Mainly because I am impatient and I like to see results quite quickly and these work wonders for de-puffing and reducing dehydrated skin in very little time. You simply pop them underneath the eyes and after that they require no effort on your part, so you can just go about doing something else for 10 or so minutes whilst they work their magic and leave the skin underneath the eyes cool, refreshed and plump. They are great pre-makeup application too.


2. Filorga Absolute Correction Time filler Eyes

This is thick and creamy and feels like it’s serious about what it does! It’s designed for the entire eye area, not just the underneath and I love it for that multi-purpose reason. Active ingredients like hyaluronic acid work to relax and smooth the skin around the eye area and because it’s multi-purpose you can also use it on the eyelids which is great if you’re like me and suffer with wrinkly, hooded eyelids which naturally want to pull downwards at the outer corners.

How and when I use it:

A little goes a long way with this and because it’s thicker I use my ring fingers and apply in gentle sweeping strokes around my entire eye area and leave it to work its magic overnight without being interrupted.


3. Boots No7 Early Defense Eye Cream

I can already feel a difference to the underneath of my eyes which feel softer and firmer thanks to No.7's Eye Cream from their Early Defence skincare range, designed specifically to support younger skin and boost its natural defences (and it's hypo-allergenic which is great for me). This was one of the first eye-creams I tried and because it’s designed for the earlier signs of ageing for ladies around my age, I thought it would be ideal. I also love this because it’s hypo-allergenic.

How and when I use it:

Because of it’s lighter, looser texture I’ve found this is better / more suitable for use in the mornings. I use the tube nozzle to dab four or five little dots of the cream underneath my eye and tap gentle in - again don’t rub as this can damage the delicate skin here!