Nails Inc Holler-Graphic Glitter Polish


Where do I even begin? Just by looking at this you can see it's a stunning colour! Usually, I'm not the biggest fan of glittery / holographic nail colours, but right now there is such an impressive choice (especially from Nails Inc) that they are very hard to resist and the only way you find out if you like something is to try it, right?

Sooo I did! I purchased, I tried and I love it. I really do enjoy painting my nails; I find it calming and it's the perfect way for me to just shut my brain down for a bit and reduce some of the noise buzzing around in there. So, when I saw this I knew immediately I wouldn't be able to resist, even though I was a little apprehensive about the price  (£10.00) but if it works (which it absolutely does) then it's well worth the money. I've spent so much money on other nail varnishes that I've been completely unhappy with as they're just crap, so if you buy it and you love it then it's all good, right?

My initial thoughts, other than being mesmerised by the vibrancy of the shade (which by the way is Molten My Day), is how easy this is to apply! It has a wide brush and, as I've found with many other nail varnishes that the style of brush makes all the difference. If you've got an unsteady hand or if you struggle to paint the nails on the other side with your non-dominant hand, don't worry because the wider the brush, the quicker and more efficiently you can apply the colour to the nail and it finishes up looking professional and quite flawless as you don't need as many 'goes' to cover the entire nail. I've found it's harder to paint my nails with little, thin brushes as it tends to push the polish around in a more unnatural way, whereas the wider brushes cover the nail more evenly in less time, a bit like speed painting!

Long Lasting Wear

I've found that with nail colours like this which are designed to provide a holographic effect or have a glittery consistency tend to last much longer anyway. Don't forget you can top this off with a gorgeous glossy coat to protect it for even longer wear (like the Nails Inc Kensington Top Coat)

Vibrant Colour & Quick Drying

The nail colour is just as vibrant and striking on the nail as it is in the pot, which I find is not always the case with most nail varnishes (especially the ones with glitter in) but this is exactly what it should be so you're not left feeling mislead. It also dried pretty fast which is a big plus and I could carry on with my day.

Molten My Day


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cosmic cutie