Natural Beauty Box Review - October

I have been a huge fan of the Natural Beauty Box since starting my blog earlier this year and have followed their social media pages religiously, keeping up with the steady flow of beautifully packaged parcels getting ready to travel off to loyal subscribers and fellow natural, cruelty free and conscious beauty lovers.

I am delighted to finally have the chance to try October's 'No Tricks, Just Treats' box featuring some products which I am pleased I've never tried before (like Skin Alchemists and Isla Apothecary) and some of which I am a huge fan of already (like Bloomtown Botanicals and PHB Ethical Beauty).

It's incredible that in one box you can find such an exclusive selection at such a reasonable price, handpicked and delivered to your door. So, I think we should take a moment to appreciate the really wonderful treats included in this months box which, I must add are all perfectly themed for Halloween which I just love - especially the Bloomtown Botanicals Mini Soaps aptly named The Clearing (with Black Clay and Tea Tree) and The Grove (with Shea Butter and Coconut).

I am really making an effort to understand the benefits of the natural ingredients that go into products like these and pleased to find things like black clay (the perfect solution to drawing out impurities from the skin), tea tree (working on removing all that nasty bacteria, Shea and Coconut (brings hydration and softness to your skin) and a whole world of other ingredients just waiting to work their magic on my skin. 

Here's what's lurking in October's box:


Skin Alchemists

The Lady Helen Renewing Facial Nectar

How incredible does this look? Honey is such an amazing, antibacterial remedy and this facial nectar looks just perfect for my skin. The Rosehip and Ylang Ylang work in perfect harmony to combat skin damage and uplift.


Isla Apothecary

Blood Orange & Vanilla Sugar Scrub

This has to be the most deliciously scented sugar scrub I have ever come across and smells just like those Christmas orange flavour Matchmaker's! I do love the thicker consistency of sugar scrubs as that way it stays on the skin longer whilst you apply without slipping off, getting the full benefits.

DSC00196 copy.JPG


Neroli Floral Water

The convenience of face mists and light refreshing coverage makes such a change from my usual moisturiser and I find my skin stays matte for longer throughout the day if I use this in the mornings. Neroli is naturally scented with orange and honey and brings skin to life perfectly.


PHB Ethical Beauty

Natural Waterproof Mascara

I am well and truly on cloud 9 as I now have THREE of these mascara's, it's my absolute favourite natural mascara and just as my other's are running low this couldn't be better timing. It's fantastic for sensitive eyes, coating each lash in just a few sweeps achieving a really pretty, feathery eye.

If you want to find out more about The Natural Beauty Box then head over to their social media pages where you can keep updated with sneak peeks and everything else you need to know.  |