Natural Beauty Box Review - March 2018

Nat Beauty Box Mar 18.JPG

If you love puns, please keep reading. If you love natural, cruelty free beauty and you love looking after your skin with the best that nature has to offer, then definitely keep reading!

The lovely Emma at The Natural Beauty Box has the ability to deliver a cracking (Easter pun #1) selection of beauty and skincare products, every time I've ever had the pleasure of unboxing the contents of the Natural Beauty Box it's been accompanied by a series of (quite loud) 'ooh's', 'ahhs' and 'omg's'. I don't know what she's trying to do to me, but each box is always so well suited to the time of year it arrives and somehow manages to send me into a frenzy. March's box is perfectly themed with cocoa, chocolate and sweetie-goodness that we can all associate with Easter fun. This box has been no exception to the eggselent (Easter pun #2) collection of products you will undoubtably find inside, only this time I had family in the house at the time and as I began uncovering everything I couldn't contain my excitement so ended up with a show-and-tell type situation going on (which, I loved, obviously). 

I won't keep you hanging any longer because this happy bunny (Easter pun #3) is bursting with joy about this lot and I've tried not to give too much away before you've got to this point. So, here we go; feast your eyes and enjoy!


Skin Alchemists

The Gorgeous Soldier Cocoa Body Scrub


I've made no secret of my adoration for Skin Alchemists. I have their Lady Helen Renewing Facial Nectar which is one of the dreamiest textures of skincare I've ever come across. This makes me think this is exactly where SA specialise, because I now have this Gorgeous Soldier Nourishing Body Scrub, which is yet another stunning combination of natural ingredients. I find their products really empowering and there's a feeling of proudness when you use their skincare, it's been so carefully crafted with your health and wellness in mind - and body!



Lavender Scrub Cubes


I love unusual finds and discoveries, I really do. This is the first time I've been introduced to Kokomelt and from what I can see they specialise in some quite niche skincare products. This is their Muscavado Sugar Scrub range in Lavender, conveniently shaped into cubes which is a wonderful little way of making it much easier to use it, without overusing it! I love the fact these do not contain soap and the effectiveness of natural oils amazes me, with the ability to exfoliate and moisturise at the same time, which is what soap does not do!


Aura Organics

Vegan Chocolate and Orange Lip Balm

aura lip balm.JPG

A dreamy combination of cacao butter (one of the best natural emollients out there!) and organic plant oils like sweet orange, coconut, jojoba and sweet almond. Aura Organics have blended these beautiful oils together to create this silky soft texture that protects, nourishes and softens the lips. It's perfectly travel sized for bags and coat pockets, so you can take this with you anywhere. It's one of those scents where you just can't help yourself and have to keep smelling it! Another key ingredient to take note of is Vitamin E - perfect for chapped, sore lips.


Pink & Green Skincare

'Marzipan' Body Souffle


As if this product wasn't incredible enough because it's enriched with Plum Kernel oil (which gives it that amazing nutty, Marzipan scent, that is very, very close to being eaten by myself), but this little gem from Pink & Green Skincare has been designed exclusively for sale to support the long-term trauma based therapy aftercare programme for survivors of sex trafficking - just how amazing is that? It's a cold pressed formula, beautifully blended into a whipped consistency which contains many of my other favourite natural ingredients such as shea butter, oleic acid, linoleic acid, vitamins E and B and beta-carotene - these will work hard at giving your skin the right amount of moisture it needs, keeping it firm and plump and is suitable for all skin types - yippee!


Heavenly Organics

Peppermint Foot Balm


I don't shy away from feet and in fact, my tootsies receive quite a lot of love and care even though they spend most of their time covered up (especially this time of year!) However, the warmer months are slowly (strong emphasis on slowly) approaching and the time will come when feet need to be set free. So, with that in mind I was delighted to find this Peppermint Foot Balm from Heavenly Organics Skincare inside this months box, cold pressed into this beautiful mould which I've never seen before. Feet carry us around all day and if you're going to give them a treat for all their hard work, I think this is the way to do it! I find anything with mint works wonders as calming and soothing, whilst at the same time creating a little zing and bringing skin back to life.