De-Stressing With Neom Organics


Stress - it’s an inevitable part of life (and a very complicated part at that) but it doesn’t have to be, because luckily we’re becoming more aware of it and are learning to recognise the signs of the detrimental effects it can have on our health, so we’re able to learn how to manage it a little better - well, I am anyway!

I have formed a rather inconvenient, up close and personal ‘relationship’ with stress and anxiety over my most recent years and I can safely say it’s not something I want to continue - it’s toxic, unhealthy and I’m in the long process of letting it go.

So, I am a big advocate for believing in the positives when trying out new products and I can safely say that the Neom De-Stress Kit is ideal for travel and on-the-go and I really am a big fan and would easily recommend it to anyone, anywhere who knows what it’s like to feel vulnerable from the effects of stress. I was given this kit recently as a gift and I wanted to share it with you as I’ve found it very, very helpful.


If you’ve tried Neom products before you’ll be familiar with their use of natural ingredients like essential oils and their beautiful candle range, which makes them a really good choice of brand for wellbeing and self care and all their products smell absolutely beautiful. A kit like this is useful not only for what’s inside but because it also prompts you to take some time out for yourself - time which you may not necessarily have taken otherwise, even if it’s a brief moment and you’ll hopefully feel much better for it.


This essentials kit is such a treat. It contains a dedicated selection of mini / travel sized versions of their ‘Scent To De-Stress’ range, all designed to help unwind the mind and release the grasp that stress can have on us or in my case to help relieve the knot of tension which sits very uncomfortably in my shoulders causing me ‘discomfort’ (putting it politely).

You can use each of these individually as and when you require or you could combine them to give yourself the ultimate cloud of calmness, a huge serene bubble which other people can get sucked into and become really calm themselves - imagine that!


Intensive Pulse-Point Rollerball

I am big fan of rollerballs because they are ideal for clumsy people like me who have a tendency to spill things, so I can use this easily (and safely!) without spilling it everywhere. I like to apply to my inner wrists and do the rubbing-together-thing. The scent lasts for a good couple of hours too so you won’t have to reapply for a while.


De-Stress On The Go Mist

I have to re-iterate how perfectly sized these products are for travel and on-the-go. This mist is ideal for spritzing over the skin and face whenever you need a moment. It’s also powerful enough to only need a couple of spritz’s which means it will last you a really good few more after that.


Nourish and Calm Hand Balm

Probably one of my favourite hand creams ever because not only is it calming, but it’s non-greasy too! It’s really lovely to use and hydrates dry or tired hands, leaving them super soft with that lovely comforting scent.

Do I love this? Absolutely. Will I be recommending it? Absolutely! It’s a wonderful little addition to any handbag, travel back or just every day life. A little gem.