Palmer's Coconut Skincare Review

Summer is in full swing and I've gone [coco]nuts. I am loving the fact the sunshine is making a real effort to stick around for a while and because of this I am going through a fair amount of daily skincare, slathering it on like there's no tomorrow and for a change summer-skin really is a thing right now. Arms and legs are out in full force and it's giving me a daily reminder to give them a little more love than I ordinarily would and keep everything well moisturised and maintained.

So, you can imagine my excitement when Fuel PR kindly sent this stunning selection of Palmer's Skincare products right to my door, a PR package I will positively accept because a) I am a huge fan of Palmer's products already and b) because I know I will get plenty of use from these immediately and they are suitable for all year round, so let's take a peek shall we?


Summer Skin Is Sorted.

Featured in this post:

- Coconut Sugar Body Scrub
- Coconut Oil Body Firming Sheet Masks
- Coconut Oil Anti-Oxidant Firming Lotion
- Natural Bronze Gradual Tan
- Coconut Oil Body Oil
- Coconut Oil Body Lotion
- Coconut Sugar Body Scrub


Coconut Body Oil

I spent a long time avoiding oils like the plague, thinking they would only add to my already oily skin. I was wrong. Oils are actually an ideal way to restore the natural balance of your skin's moisture, giving it an instant, hydrated glow.

Skin that's crying out for moisture will start to create it's own, hence the greasy feeling I know all too well, particularly on my face and that's why oils are ideal. I also love to use this on the tops of my feet and toes, it makes them look so healthy!


Anti-Oxidant Firming Lotion + Sheet Masks

Skin firming? Anti-oxidants? Yes please, don't mind if I do. These are brand new additions to the Palmer's Cocoa Oil range and one of the most useful points of use for these are after the gym when your skin is gasping for some nutrients and will be particularly responsive after exercise, so wash that sweat off and get moisturising!

The sheets are not only firming but wonderfully cooling (my favourite place to use this is the sides of my thighs) followed up with a helping of firming lotion and you're really good to go.



Tan Lotion

Now this is something pretty amazing. It smells just like you would imagine and, as you can see it gives my legs a pretty impressive glow. As someone who is apprehensive about using any tan-based products, the results are really impressive after only a fortnight or so of continued use and the colour and tone of my legs looks just right for me, with just the right balance to keep things looking natural with a sun-kissed glow.



Body Lotion + Sugar Scrub

It would be really, really difficult to decide which of the two body lotions I prefer - the Coconut Oil Formula or the Cocoa Butter. But, if I had to choose I think I'd have to go with Cocoa Butter as I've used it all my life and it's the perfect balance of everything I want. This Coconut Oil Formula is just as lovely don't get me wrong and I'd say it last's a little longer than Cocoa Butter as it has a thicker consistency.

The Sugar scrub is amazing, it has that lovely tingly feeling and, even though you may have a lovely Palmer's moisturiser to use afterwards, you probably won't need it because the scrub leaves your skin feeling lovely and moisturised, even after exfoliating!

I've made no secret of my love for Palmer's in the past, in particular their Day Cream and Night Cream from their well known Cocoa Butter range which has that familiar scent you'd recognise anywhere. I have very sensitive skin and I've never, ever had any issues whatsoever with Palmer's, their products are absolutely ideal for me. I am now equipped with some pretty fantastic products from Palmer's to help me stay prepped and nourished throughout this gorgeous weather and I am pretty darn excited about the new additions to their Coconut Oil Formula range too.