Percy & Reed Haircare


I spend a lot of time (and pennies) on finding the right care for my hair. It's very thick and bushy and is prone to being very dry, frizzy and unmanageable because of my reliance on the various heat styling tools which I have. It's quite frankly exhausting maintaining my lions mane or '80's bouffant' as I often to refer to it and in my quest to discover the very best that hair care has to offer, I would easily narrow it down to a few specialist products that I can rely on to ensure my locks look luscious and looking lovely (I dare you to say that repeatedly without messing it up! - and Percy & Reed are among those select few.

You need all the right tools if you're going to do a job properly and the guys at Percy and Reed know how to deliver the right tools for the job, in really classy packaging that's kinda difficult to resist! If you're after some really, very decent haircare that won't break the bank and actually makes true on it's promise, then put your faith in these guys. You can find them all over the internet and in my favourite beauty heaven Marks and Spencer or of course in so many other places online. Here are my recommendations if you're like me and have high maintenance hair and want the entire process made just that little bit easier and quicker


Eau My Goodness
Shine & Fragrance Spray

This is the only shine spray I will invest in. It doesn't leave a tacky, crispy finish mimicking that of a hair setting spray (like others I've tried) and it smells just so incredibly beautiful. I've found it's ideal for gym days (and running-out-of-time-days).

On top of using the dry shampoo you can finish off with this so your hair is not only is it fresh and oil free, but it smells gorgeous with a cheeky shine too.


bold and beautiful
instant volume spray

You might be thinking it's a bad idea if you already have big hair to make it even bigger with a volumising spray, but there is a difference between hair which has been styled that way and hair that is just naturally out of control, and I prefer the first option which is why I absolutely adore this spray!

It gives me the volume I want rather than the volume I am given, so I can take control of my hair before it takes control of me!


Reassuringly Firm
Session Hold Hairspray

This is a teeny, tiny travel sized version of their Session Hold Hair Spray. So, it's cute and small, yes - but it's mighty!

I think I've included this mainly because I have a thing for the convenience of miniature sized products that are handy for travel, but also because it's one of those light textures you can brush through without feeling like you're dragging hairs out from the roots.


No Fuss Fabulousness
Dry Shampoo

A dry shampoo is a must have product, surely? It's amazing. It's fantastic for providing a just-washed look (even if it's far from it, shh you'd never know). It soaks up all the excess oil and transforms it into fresh hair with a bit of volume, reducing the necessity of having to actually wash it.

Ideal for all hair types between washes as a quick-fix makeover for dull, lifeless, lacklustre hair. The formulation plumps up the hair to help revitalise style and shine. Use to refresh and revive the hair between washes.