Candy Coat Nail Polish Review - Tried + Tested

Candy Coat Nail Polish Review - Tried + Tested


I’m day-dreaming about Spring and Summer vibes again, aren’t you? Pretty pastels, light and bright colours and all that warmth.

So I thought, why not brighten things up a bit around here.

I was very kindly gifted a really bright, beautiful and colourfully-curated subscription box from Candy Coat, an online-only beauty destination which is literally bursting with fun.

I’m talking baby pink tissue paper, rainbow coloured pom-pom balls and an abundance of retro confetti in all different little shapes and designs - and that’s just the packaging it’s posted in!


Candy Coat have created some pretty incredible nail shades which cover the entire colour spectrum in both regular and gel nail polish, making it possibly quite tricky to choose just one.

But, for the purpose of this post I have three pastel coloured regular nail polishes to share with you which are colour coded as per their website as 001 (pastel yellow/cream), 474 (pastel baby pink) and 435 (pastel green/mint).


Candy Coat cover pretty much everything you’d need when it comes to creating the perfect manicure / pedicure including not only a very wide range of nail colours from literally every colour of the rainbow, but tools and accessories like files, buffers, polish remover and - get ready for it - candy floss cotton wool balls (I know, how amazing is that, I really need some of those in my life asap because I can’t stop thinking about them!).

You can also find a great choice of gel nails for those hardier, long lasting manicures because Candy Coat have their very own range including UV lamp, gel remover’s, base and top coats and of course even more vibrant colours.

Hard wearing formulas designed to create the ideal foundation and finish for colour adhesion, extending the life of your candy coat mani’s + pedi’s.
— Candy Coat

Usually, pastel nail colours aren’t my thing because I can never get the colour to set without any streaks and I’ve really tried everything, so I just gave up. This, however honestly went on with no issues at all. The brushes are short which helps you maintain more control over the application and helps you to spread the colour evenly over the nail.

A second coat hides a multitude of sins so if you’ve made any errors or it’s not quite thick enough on the first coat, it’s easy to correct on the second because it fills everything in evenly and should finish up nice and neat and solid in colour.

It also didn’t take about 3000 hours to dry, it dried within half and hour and I could resume my normal life shortly after and I could put my ‘Triller’ hands down!


They even do a really stunning range of lip colours in both matte and gloss styles, so you could put together the perfect pamper package in one box delivered straight to your door for a Friday, Saturday, Sunday night in (who am I kidding, any night of the week is ideal).

So on first impressions, am I happy with the Candy Coat nail polishes?

You bet! They are really fun and if you’re a bit more daring (or experienced) than me I bet you could create some magical manicures and if you look closely, you might be able to see my non-streaky finish - yay!

This box was gifted in exchange for an honest review and to help raise awareness for cruelty free beauty.

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