My Thoughts On Using Natural Deodorants


I have recently become accustomed to using natural deodorants after years of using standard off the shelf roll-ons that you find in all the main supermarkets and stores.

I am becoming increasingly conscious of the potentially harmful chemicals, parabens and additives (like aluminium, hello? can’t we just leave that to the drinks cans?) which are found in certain products, especially cosmetics and toiletries like deodorants which are specifically targeted for sensitive areas like your under-arms and I am a sensitive soul and need to think twice about things like that.

Commonly, the word 'natural' is thrown about by brands which leads us into thinking a product is full of natural, organic qualities. Sadly, this is usually a marketing ploy (those pesky things!) and just means they have just omitted a chemical - so, not natural at all really?

However, there are some brands and products out there which really are as natural as they say and pure purpose is one of them.