Rosie For Autograph Beauty


Marks and Spencer are one of my favourite beauty brands and I am very rarely disappointed with their products, I just end up loving them even more. Not only is the entire range (Autograph, Limited Collection, Floral Collection etc) certified cruelty free and BUAV approved, but they offer vegan products too.

One of my favourite things about M&S is that their beauty range caters for a wide range of age ranges and skin types, including sensitive, hypoallergenic makeup products which don't shy away from the use of Argan Oil, making everything so luxurious, from lipsticks to nail varnishes. They're free from alcohol and parabens and are suitable for vegan and vegetarians alike. I suffer with really sensitive skin and I've never had any complaints from any of their products, so they are just right for me. 

The Rosie For Autograph range is one of their high-end collections and is not only very, very pretty with beautiful, glamorous, elegant packaging which is just too tempting when you are in store as they are just so appealing! Allow me to demonstrate:


Starstruck Lip & Cheek Tint

Lip and cheek tints are a funny one, because the colour you see isn't necessarily the colour that it will provide for your lips or cheeks.

However, looking at the vibrancy of this colour you really wouldn't want it matched to that when it's on your skin as that would look way too intense, so it's perfectly balanced with a smooth, creamy texture which you can build up with your fingertips to compliment the healthy, dewy look you might be going for, as and how you like it.

Shade: Pink Shine


I Love You So Much
Nourishing Lipstick

This lipstick which, as you can see I have yet to use (what is it about fresh, new lipsticks that makes them too pretty to use?!) is enriched with argan oil which means it's going to make lips look and feel hydrated, soft and nourished.

Argan oil works wonders for me personally and I am such a huge fan of lip colours which provide nourishment too as these can be suitable for all weathers and occasions, so it's like a two-in-one deal.

Shade: Rose Lace


Summer Rose
Eau De Parfum (15ml)

It's not always easy to locate a cruelty free perfume or scent that you love. I have spent a fair amount of time searching and this Rosie For Autograph scent has definitely got my attention.

Floral scents are growing on me and this one has some beautiful fruity, which is not surprising as it contains blackcurrant, pear and rose with one of my favourites - lily of the valley.

It's a classic perfume with that warm, woody undertone, if you're in for that kind of thing!


Lip Glossy

The Lip Glossy range is similar to their lipsticks, however these provide much more shine at the same time as a full colour. The shine is brilliant and it's not sticky at all.

I would say this is my favourite compared to the lipsticks because it's such a good combination of shine and colour. It's just as handy though with a twist up tube so you can take this with you on the go.

Shade: Supermodel Smile


Limited Edition Makeup Pallette

A wonderfully versatile selection of blushers, bronzers and highlighters for a naturally chic look.

This palette has some dreamy, lightweight and long-lasting buildable shades with pretty pigments and subtle shimmers to brighten skin tone and provide a that lovely radiant glow we all love. It's also got just enough so you can't overdo it and the colours can be used for all moods and occasions!