Sally Hansen Insta-Dri® Nail Polish Review

→ I’ll take my Summer mani to go, thank you.
→ This post contains gifted items [what’s this?]

I love painting my nails. So, let’s talk about the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri® collection.

What is it?

Well, it’s an express nail polish which dries in 60 seconds, meaning you can go about your day without needing to dedicate too much time to walking around with ‘zombie hands’ (the position you adopt when nails are drying). Sally Hansen very kindly reached out to ask if I’d like to join their #SallySquad for the summer and try some colours from the new Insta-Dri range. I said yes, they sent a really gorgeous selection of summery shades and I absolutely LOVE them.

just how ‘quick’ are we talking here?

Quick. Very quick. So quick in fact that the polish only takes 60 seconds to set, with vibrant colour only requiring one coat to achieve a gorgeously glossy mani, resilient enough against the odds of day to day activities.

Example: a three day domestic goddess spree, deciding to wash up over loading the dishwasher - with my nail colour still in tact!

One coat? Really?

Yup, there really is no need for a second coat because one is more than enough. The formula really packs a punch in terms of colour intensity and is thick enough to retain that fresh, glossy look whilst staying durable. The brush is wide enough to fit over the nail, angled perfectly to swiftly apply the whole coat in no time at all.

The colours are available in both matte and metallic finishes and the fact that your nail routine-time just halved or even quartered means you are more than okay to take your mani to go.

A little note from me: the true durability of this nail colour is proven when you try and remove it. It probably takes longer to remove than it does to apply, so it may go on quick but expect a little more investment when taking it off!

Overview of the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri collection:

  • Dry in 60 seconds

  • One coat needed

  • Glossy, vibrant colour

  • Durable + long-lasting