Skin Organics Box Review - July

Well, I've quite literally woken up to smell the roses! I do love a play with words don't I - sorry about that. Anyway, it's been a while since I first got to experience the lovely Skin Organics Beauty Box because I've been so busy beauty-wise and when the opportunity came up to unbox July's selection of clean beauty and skincare goodies, I'd quite frankly be insane to refuse. 

The Skin Organics Beauty Box is something really special, always carefully curated with a selection of clean beauty and skincare products and July's is themed beautifully with everything 'rose' and I am just a little bit in love with everything inside - I am The Every Rose after all.

Rose extracts (like oils and waters) are fantastic natural anti-inflammatory ingredients ideal for calming the skin, reducing redness and are high in vitamin C and E, helping to stimulate collagen production in the skin and retain moisture. Oh, and rose smells really beautiful too. So all of the products below are hopefully going to work wonders for my sensitive, redness-prone skin at any time of year. 

I'm really excited to show you each of the products so here it is, July's Skin Organics Rose themed edition - let's see what's inside.


Odylique Natural Lip Liner

A gorgeous cheeky pink pencil lip liner, what more could a girl want? Especially when it's 100% natural with Organic ingredients like Jojoba and Shea Butter which gives you that lovely smooth texture that glides on effortlessly. I love Odylique (I love saying the name too!) and as this is the first time trying anything from their makeup range I'm even more eager to try this.


Alteya Organics Hand Cream


I am quite fussy when it comes to hand creams as they always seem to contain what I would call 'greasy ingredients' and my hands are usually left feeling slippery which I can't stand. This hand cream from Alteya Organics (yet another new brand for me!) absorbs so easily without that slimy feeling


Zenon Kition
Pure Rose Water

I love a floral mist because it's just so refreshing, especially when the weather is hot or you're away on holiday and need a refreshing spritz - so handy! This is the first time coming across Zenion Kition and it certainly won't be the last, especially when a product smells as beautiful as this, you're really good to go!


Body Oil & Wash

I am so surprised I have made it this far without trying anything from Weleda, really not sure how I've managed it but I am glad it's not the case anymore and I'll make sure it remains that way. Rose oil is a natural emollient and moisturiser, which helps to leave the skin silky soft, absolutely ideal in the form of these two products and I am really looking forward to trying these.


Lip Balm

It doesn't really matter what time of year it is, because for me a lip balm is something I always seem to need and this little one is going straight in my handbag! Lips can become chapped in dry, hot and humid weather as much as they can in the cold, and if you're like me and are prone to allergies then you probably spend a lot of time blowing your nose and breathing out of your mouth and have cold-like symptoms, which means your poor lips suffer without nourishing, soothing lip balms like this Alpine Rose and Lysine one from Balmkind.


Lola's Apothecary Body Oil

This gorgeous body oil from Lola's Apothecary can be used to give the skin a lovely glow and hit of moisture and as a massage oil - heaven! This is such an unusual product because you can actually see inside the tube and see what natural ingredients are in there! Can you see the little rose extracts? I love this, a lot!

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