Salt Scrubs vs Sugar Scrubs

One of my absolute essential skincare products is an exfoliator and since embarking on a more natural beauty journey, I try very hard to consciously steer clear of all those teeny, tiny plastic particles impersonating 'natural' grains that are supposed to be beneficial to our skin - and all they really achieve is damage to the surface of our skin. 

I really do try to seek out genuine products with legitimately sourced ingredients and I've discovered exactly that from brands like The Salt Parlour and Isla Apothecary who do some fantastic salt and sugar body scrubs.

So, my question is: should you shake it up with a little salt scrub, or keep it sweet with a sugar scrub? I've spent some time with both and I've been trying to figure out which is best and, honestly, both bring their own qualities to caring for your skin which I am outlining why below. 



I would highly recommend salt scrubs for legs, bums and tums as the larger grains in salt scrubs are fantastic at bringing the skin to life and increasing circulation in these areas. It's also where I see the biggest difference afterwards when skin looks and feels rejuvenated. Bear in mind these larger particles are a little looser and tend to slide off damp skin so it might be worth bearing in mind that when using a salt scrub you pat the skin dry a little before application to keep the scrub on the skin.

I recommend: The Salt Parlour - 'Calm' Salt Scrub with Rose + Shea Butter. This (along with their Lime & Avocado scrub!) are my two favourites which are perfect for revitalising and buffing the surface of the skin. They are 100% cruelty free and vegan and their tins are fully recyclable AND re-useable! (, £15.00)

Isla Apothecary Sugar Scrub.JPG


I have found that sugar scrubs are gentler on the skin and the particles are much smaller and the consistency of sugar scrubs work well with a little water and creates a paste (this is in between deciding whether or not I should 'give it a taste' - for the record, I have resisted doing this!) These smaller grains are ideal for facial skin and provide just the right balance of exfoliation and moisture. If the scrub contains natural oils, you can expect your skin to feel heavenly, hydrated and moisturised instead of dry and tight, (which is often the case with exfoliators that I have tried).

I recommend: Isla Apothecary - 100% natural Blood Orange & Vanilla Moisturising Sugar Scrub. If you are anything like me and love chocolate and orange then this scrub smells exactly like that. It's full of anti-oxidants and natural goodness to leave skin feeling and looking like it always should - glowing! (, £13.00)

Sometimes, I really believe the key to looking after your skin is a less-is-more approach and finding what works best for your skin type. You might want to opt only for the sugar scrubs if you have sensitive skin, or you might want to have use of both for different areas of the body. My skin is particularly sensitive, so I use both these scrubs around 2-3 times a week keeping it sweet on my face and savoury elsewhere. That's it for the puns, promise!

I hope you've enjoyed reading and this helps give you some insight into which body scrub would work for you.