My Thoughts On Super Facialist's Cleansing Duo


I’m not actually sure why, but I suddenly decided I wanted to try Vitamin C skincare. Maybe it’s because we all know getting plenty of it can help boost our health and immune system with things like oranges and sweet potatoes, right? And I’m approaching the grand old age of 30 and looking after my skin is becoming really, really important and I’m really starting to pay attention to what my skin is telling me.

Skincare - it's a funny ol' thing isn't it, because it seems treating our bodies on the inside is not all that different to how we can treat them on the outside. Take Vitamin C for example, that naturally powerful antioxidant we know quite well which protects our bodies from the damaging effects of those pesky free radicals, can be used on the inside and the outside.

Before I go any further, if you're stuck on wondering what ‘free radicals’ are (like I did!) let me get a little bit scientific for a moment: the atoms in the molecules of our skin cells contain all the essentials they need to keep our skin healthy for our age, but when those atoms are removed or disrupted by environmental polluters like, fumes, dust, cigarette smoke and UV rays, free radicals are created as a result of that disruption which causes all those visible signs of damage which we know as dark spots, freckles, wrinkles and other premature signs of ageing.

After spending a good while doing my research, I decided on Super Facialist a) because they’ve been on my ‘to try’ list for a long time now and b) because they are beautifully packaged up and I couldn’t resist. This is their Vitamin C renewing skincare duo; Cleansing Oil and Gentle Daily Micro Polish Wash and I’m really, really excited to tell you about them right now.


Brightening Vitamin C Cleansing Oil

I say it all the time, but I spent so long avoiding oils like the plague and they are actually so suitable for my skin type and really do work wonders and I don't know what took me so long to go for it!

This is one of the most beautiful cleansing options I’ve come across and as we all know, there are plenty out there! I really do try to make the extra effort on my skincare routine in the mornings as it makes all the difference as the day goes on and my skin feels so much fresher with a really healthy glow thang going on.

This is really lightweight in consistency and also contains some of my other favourite ingredients like Grapeseed and Rosehip which are going to work on nourishing the skin so it’s not left feeling tight and dry like some cleansers.

It’s really transformative so if you’re expecting it to be slimy and runny then don’t worry, because once you mix it with water it becomes milky and you can finish with the Vitamin C Micro polish.

It’s ideal at the end of the day too for removing makeup, impurities and it does so ever so gently! So it’s pretty versatile as to when you choose to use it, just rub onto your face, add a little water and give it a good massage and rinse off with warm water and voila - happy skin!


Brightening Vitamin C Daily Micro-Polish

I have always been such a big fan of exfoliating skincare products. I find they work really well on my skin and leave it feeling soft and looking plump and healthy - it also seems moisturisers take much better to freshly buffed skin surface, especially at night when skin becomes more relaxed.

I’ve come across some really awful exfoliators with harsh grains of god only knows what, tearing away at the surface of my skin and probably causing more damage than anything else and if you like your skin then there is no way you could use those more than once a week - but this is gentle enough for every day use.

It works to cleanse the skin and resurface it (yay) revealing that fresh complexion we all know is under there and you can use it after cleansing with the Vitamin C Cleansing Oil.

I have really sensitive, reactive skin and am happy to report this works wonders and is a joy to use every day! I also use a cheeky bit across my chest and neck to give that a little boost too.

After using these together my skin feels so, so soft and looks really healthy. Highly recommended? Yes!

If I haven’t convinced you how incredible and important Vitamin C is to our bodies I’ll finish off by briefly outlining some of the fantastic benefits of the vitamin (other than it smelling absolutely beautiful of course) - both inside and out:

  1. Don’t go overboard with it because our bodies can only process what it requires, which is around 90mg last time I checked.

  2. Vitamin C is fantastic for boosting our immune system, increasing our resilience against diseases and improving skin health.

  3. When using topically on our skin (as I have done here) our skin is protected against damaging UV rays because vitamin C a rich natural antioxidant and damaging repellent

*This post is not affiliated in any way, this post is purely for personal reasons and to share my enjoyment of this product.